Olympic Games Lions! Lions! Lions! The people celebrated hockey players at the Olympic Stadium in the midst of a snowstorm

Here has the feel of a great sports festival.

A snowstorm will hit the faces of thousands of fans, but the wait is fierce: soon we will get the goldsmiths and the bronze women on stage.

The presenter enters the stage first Juha Perälä.

It’s seven o’clock.

The audience moans, cheers and shouts. Jumps himself warm.

Blue-and-white flags flutter, and colors are recognized on scarves and t-shirts drawn over jackets.

This is Finland Day!

A blizzard teased those traveling to the golden festival.

His party careers in a sheltered place in front of the stadium, the Finnish flag is on its shoulders Elsa Westerberg. He does not yet know exactly with whom to look at the upcoming gold festival.

“I’m looking forward to finding what I’ve found in Jodel. None of my friends left, so I thought I’d ask Jodel then if anyone would leave. From there, someone signed up. I’m waiting for him here, ”Westerberg says.

Despite the bad weather, the atmosphere is on the roof. According to Westerberg, the scene had to be reached despite the storm.

“The feelings are just awesome. This is a unique opportunity, ”so I had to come.

Westerberg hopes to see the lions, but JVG, who is climbing the stage, is also interested.

JVG’s performance is also awaited Miikka Moisander, Eetu Hyyrynen, Jenni Havukunnas and Topini Pasanen. The team hopes to see the head coach as well Jukka Jalosenassistant coach Mikko Mannerin and Markus Granlundin.

The party arrived on the scene above all to enjoy the general atmosphere.

“The reason to drink on Monday and all of these people got to the scene,” Moisander notes.

“After all, this mood is quite different than ever before. This is especially true during the Korona period, when there are almost no events, ”Havukangas continues.

People flocks by the stadium kiosk. The smell of sausage entices the festive people to buy a snack a few moments before the festivities begin.

There are stairs in front of the kiosk Frizzle, Iida and Eemil. The gold medal warms the trio’s mind.

“It’s just a great performance when it’s the first Olympic gold in hockey,” Iida says.

The party says they are equipped with warm clothes, so celebrating in the snow doesn’t hurt. According to Karina, one of the four-person crew did not use their ticket due to the weather, but the rest survived almost dry.

Karaoke Emperor Heikkinen warmed up the audience for six times at the Olympic Stadium.

The shield family in the auditorium had been traveling since Nousiainen. They have usually used to go to watch World Hockey matches, but due to the pandemic, it has become a break. However, tickets had to be obtained for the folk festival, says Miia Kilpi, the mother of the family. “Everyone was sitting online refreshing the page that got the tickets.” Most Shields are waiting to see the Lions on stage. “This win gives a lot of trick to even small enthusiasts,” Kilpi says. 2-year-old Sisu Kilpi is sitting on Miia Kilvi’s lap.

“The highlight of the evening will be when the Lions get on stage and pull someone’s pell show,” the father of the family, Janne Kilpi, thinks. Next to it sits Aava Kilpi, 3.

Snow sometimes hampered visibility at the Olympic Stadium before the show began.

Stage, for whom both the men ‘s gold – winning team and part of the women’ s bronze – winning team will rise at the party, it is difficult to identify by procuring in the middle. Dozens of workers shoveled the auditorium and stage clean of snow.

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The crowd has been hiding in the stadium room until the last.

However, the Olympic Stadium could have as many as tens of thousands of spectators, as all 20,000 tickets to the folk festival were quickly booked. Admittedly, some of the spectators seem to stay home after peeking out the window.

Hailuoto Annukka Loukola is one of the real fans who have defied the weather. He left for the ferry to Helsinki at five in the morning.

“I’m so happy I got here today,” he says.

At Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Loukola saw the team up close.

Maybe the stadium could still praise the Lions?

Annukka Loukola left Hailuoto in the morning to travel to the Helsinki metropolitan area. “I’m so happy I got here today.”

Miro, 7, and Antti Lattunen are posing with the lion. “It’s great to be here! I’ve compared Finland’s Olympic gold to when Finland won in 1995. The game was just as emotional,” says Antti Lattunen.

Onhan Finland used to be a tough country, but there is something special about this event: Finland won its first-ever gold hockey medal at the Beijing Olympics early Sunday morning, beating the Russian Olympic Committee team 2-1.

At that time, the most enthusiastic partygoers headed to the Havis Amanda statue in the center of Helsinki for traditional gold bars.

Now the official stadium is taking over the stage of the Olympic Stadium. Chairman of the Olympic Committee Jan Vapaavuori thanks Finnish skiers and hockey players.

After the musical performance, a female lion appears on the stage. They dance with Finnish flags, they have all earned their applause.

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Ellinoora sings in the snow, the audience manages to cheer.

Among the audience stands a familiar man. Hockey player Hannu Jortikka has come to follow the event.

“This is a significant achievement for Finnish hockey,” he commented on the gold medal.

The artists pull the puddle classics. I’m Finnish and The boy is taking a sauna echoing from the stage.