Melissa Martínez responds, after Matías Mier’s request: “It’s history”


Melissa Martinez and Matias Mier

Melissa MartÃnez and Matías Mier have not interacted on networks since the end of August.


Instagram: @mati.mier

Melissa Martínez and Matías Mier have not interacted on networks since the end of August.

The journalist left messages that stirred up the networks.

Uruguayan soccer player Matias Mier, from Santa Fe, confirmed on Friday his separation from the journalist Melissa Martinezafter two and a half years of marriage and five years of relationship.

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The Uruguayan acknowledged that he made mistakes that affected the relationship. “In my humanity, I admit having made wrong decisions, and having caused pain to an exceptional woman who was with me unconditionally and gave me all her love, which is why I apologize mainly to her and to everyone who, without my intention, has been affected by my actions,” he said.

Melissa Martinez and Matias Mer

Melissa Martínez and Matías Mier met in 2017.


Instagram: @melissamartineza

Melissa’s reply

Melissa Martinez

In a first publication on her social networks, Melissa boards a plane, the photo is accompanied by a forceful phrase:

“The rest is history.”

In the second publication, Mellisa is already on board the aircraft, in her photo she appears pensive. She also puts a heart and a praying emoji.

Melissa Martínez and Matías Mier got married at the end of 2019, when the Uruguayan played in Equity. In the first half of last year, the Uruguayan moved to Medellín and then played for Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero. Melissa remained in Bogotá for her professional commitments with ESPN.

This year, Mier returned to Bogotá to play for Santa Fe, and once again in the city the separation was presented, which was now confirmed by one of the parties.

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