Legal proceedings Former employees face years in prison for Cargotec’s nearly € 14 million scam

The main perpetrator was sentenced to a maximum sentence of four years in prison. For 15 years, the company was tricked into making money with fake bills.

Three The former employee has been convicted of large-scale fraud against the Finnish listed company Cargotec.

According to the District Court of Southwest Finland, the men who had worked in foremost positions had misled the company to pay almost EUR 14 million between 2002 and 2017 on the basis of fake invoices.

The main perpetrator and planner of the crime, 57 years old Pertti Samuli Vilhonenwas sentenced to four years in prison for aggravated fraud.

The court noted that his activities have been systematic and exceptionally long-lasting. In addition, it caused so much damage that Vilhonen must be sentenced to the maximum penalty imposed by law,

Also 45 years old Paul Adlem was convicted of aggravated fraud, but his sentence is three years in prison. Adlem had been involved in the offenses for a shorter period, since 2009.

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In addition, the court sentenced the 75-year-old Petar Separovicin three years in prison for aiding and abetting fraud. Her actions had enabled other men’s criminal plans.

All three were immediately ordered to be imprisoned.

The fourth man’s charge was dismissed.

Fake the bills have been linked to various projects in which suspected criminals operate. The money ended up in a foreign bank account managed by the men.

Cargotec manufactures cargo and load handling equipment. The suspicions related to the company’s MacGrecor business area. It provides cargo and offshore cargo handling solutions and services in maritime transport.

Vilhonen was imprisoned for nine months during the pre-trial investigation. He served as the chief supervisor for the projects, and the other suspects worked under him.

Vilhonen had been with MacGregor since 1994, eventually as director. He had budget responsibility for all client projects.

The company noticed the ambiguities in its internal audit and made an investigation request to the police. The preliminary investigation began at the end of 2018.

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