Ice hockey | The Lions’ World Cup silver medalist’s behavior got a complete shock in Sweden: “Crossed the line”

Mikael Ruohomaa is not understood in Sweden.

Striker Mikael Ruohomaa has come under fire in Sweden because of his behavior. Ruohomaa got into a violent argument with his coach during the training sessions of his club Leksand Björn Hellkvist with.

Falu-Kuriren magazine Hellkvist ordered Ruohomaa out of the rink in the middle of practice. According to the magazine, Ruohomaa would have sniffed the coach fiercely, shouting “fuck you”.

Aftonbladet had inquired about it from coach Hellkvist, but he was not willing to talk about the case in the media.

Aftonbladet reported that they had also reached out to Ruohomaa, but the comments of the 33-year-old Finnish striker had not been received.

Belonging to the team’s leadership ladder Thomas Johansson instead commented on the case according to Aftonbladet.

“I didn’t see where the situation started, I only saw the end of it. Sometimes it goes like this, sometimes two players take on each other and sometimes it’s a manager and a player who disagree. Then we’ll go to the locker room and solve the matter there,” Johansson explained according to Aftonbladet.

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Ruohomaa is known, for example, for Leijon. He won World Championship silver in 2021.

Swedish C More expert Petter Rönnqvist download Expressen’s along in the direction of full-sided Ruohomaa.

“This is not ok. You don’t shout fuck you at the coach. Such a person does not show any respect,” said Rönnqvist.

Rönnqvist’s colleague Johan Tornberg was confused, but suspected that there was something else behind the situation.

“If you only look at this situation, then it’s not okay to sniff at the coach. But there has to be something else involved.”

Longtime hockey coach Niklas Wickegård weigh the situation as well.

“It is quite normal for the player and the coach to get angry with each other. That has happened to me too. But in this situation, the use of language crossed the line.”

Grassland however, was not punished, for example, by being placed on the shelf. He was in Leksand’s lineup in the next match against Brynäs.

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Rönnqvist disagrees with the solution.

“I would probably have said in that situation that you’re playing the next game.”

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