HS Turku | Henna Heinonen founded her own company, and everything was perfect – An insidious exhaustion crept into life

Turku-based daycare director Henna Heinonen believed for a long time that positive thinking would save us from everything that burdens us. When one day his legs could no longer carry him, the entrepreneur who loved his work had to stop. He was exhausted.

In pink ones the notes have golden edges. The notes say “You are wonderful”, “Everything will be fine”, “Think positive”, and they are everywhere.

Kindergarten director from Turku Henna Heinonen, 45, believed for a long time that notepads that encourage positive thinking would save from everything that is burdensome. When one day he was no longer able to get up from the cliff of his cabin, he had to face the truth: you can drown in a dream, and the love of work can be exhausting.

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