Hockey The Lions’ Triple Chain shone in the semi-finals: “The kind of goal that every player must have ever dreamed of as a junior”

Harri Pesonen is perfect next to Joel Armia and Juho Lammikko. The chain played its best game at the World Cup when it was most needed.


Finland did it again and advanced to the finals of the World Cup.

The biggest titles after the game were the glowing three-point defender Miro Heiska. He was excellent.

Not everyone may have noticed how well the Lions’ triple chain played in the match. It was iron in particular in the first two batches.

Joel Armia also snatched two seconds after the end of the force in the third set of 4 to 2 goals, which ultimately remained a winning hit.

The army was on the ice during three goals scored by Finland, Juho Lammikko the two of you. The puck never went into their own while they were on the ice.

In Heiskanen’s 1-1 draw, Armia and Lammikko first kept the pressure on the opponent’s end for a long time, curled the puck perfectly in the final game and still had time to create the necessary mask in front of the goal. The army was marked to hit a second pass.

Sami Vatasen In the 3–2 goal, the three-way chain, on the other hand, played an exceptionally good substitution and a long attack that ended in an important hit.

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The fight eventually ended 4–3 (1–1, 2–1, 1–1).

“I think it’s a really good game. There was really a lot of work to be done and more long attacks were obtained. I would say that the best game in the tournament is from us as a chain, ”Pond thought.

Even in the goal shot by Sami Vatanen (right), the triple chain was on display and was able to ventilate it in the trough.

Armian the winning goal was also a masterpiece of its kind. He fired a puck into the net between the defender’s legs.

U.S. goalkeeper Jeremy Swayman remained powerless because he simply did not see the puck until it was too late.

“I tried to use the defender as a mask for the goalkeeper. Between the legs of the pack, I tried the shot. Of course, about the rebuilds, there really wasn’t a terribly big space there, but quite a bit of time went by. For Veskar, such a shot is always really awkward, ”Armia thought.

While the Army is reluctant to highlight its own achievements, the winning goal in the semi-finals of the World Cup will probably be something that every player dreams of. As a modest man, even he.

“Well, it was just the kind of goal that every player must have dreamed of as a junior. Of course it felt really good. ”

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Lions the triple chain was also high quality at its own end.

Pond, for example, made many really big feed interruptions during the match. The Lions was underpowered in the game exactly once. During that time, Pond interrupted the U.S. attack twice and knocked out the game’s own. It’s the job he’s on the team for the most part.

During the World Championships, the Lions have not yet conceded a single goal while playing undercutting. The team doesn’t take much ice, but the work has been excellent during the opponent’s forced games. Thanks for that belongs to the coach To Ari-Pekka Selin.

“We have a pretty good combination of underpower. Coaching has created a simple formula there that players implement to the best of their ability. There is nothing wonderful about it, but everyone weighs in together, so a good result is obtained, ”Pond thought.

How has the Olympic champion and world champion Harri Pesonen, who is struggling from Muurame, agreed next to the two people from Pori?

“She’s really good at it. The pond and Pesonen are exceptionally good at protecting the puck and that is a big advantage of our chain. They are strong guys and neither is easily put aside when they have the puck. It’s nice for me to play too, ”Armia thought.

On Sunday ahead is the World Cup final, which is the first career for Armia and the second for Pond. With what expectations do they leave the game?

“It’s a big game, of course. Yes, these are always unique stuff. Now all you have to do is focus on the match in the same way as you normally would. You have to think that this is just hockey, so it’s not worth getting too excited, ”analyzes Pond, the 2019 world champion.

“The feelings are really great. Great opportunity to win in front of a home crowd. The semi-final win can be enjoyed for a moment, but yes, thoughts suddenly shift to Sunday. It is quite clear that the opponent is of high quality there and probably the game of the tournament is very ahead, ”Armia said.

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