Hockey HIFK was appalled by the continuation of strict restrictions: “HIFK and the league community have complied with the regulations”

The decision of the Southwest Finland Regional State Administrative Agency on Friday will enable a 50 per cent audience capacity in sports arenas in Southwest Finland and Satakunta.

Sports The lifting of interest rate restrictions on It puts hockey league clubs in very different situations, for example.

TPS, Rauma Luko and Pori Ässsi welcomed the decision of the Southwest Finland Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) on Friday. At the same time, HIFK will still have to wait for the decision of Southern Finland, which, according to Friday’s press release, does not seem to bring any change to the present.

HIFK may have to play for at least the next couple of weeks without an audience, but the matter will be confirmed on Monday when the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland makes its decision.

On Friday, the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southwest Finland announced a decision to ban public events in the provinces of Southwest Finland and Satakunta under the Communicable Diseases Act if the number of participants exceeds 50 per cent of the maximum number of participants in that event.

Thus, TPS, Lock and Aces can take in an audience of up to half the hall’s audience capacity. Avi’s decision is valid from January 29 to February 15.

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Southern Finland The Regional State Administrative Agency announced on Friday that it was preparing decisions for the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District.

“The decision to close the premises will be completely revoked, and public events and general meetings for up to 50 people can be held indoors in the future, if the participants have a designated seating area,” the Southern Finland Aviation said in a press release.

The decision made on Monday will be valid from 1 to 15 February. According to Avi’s release, HIFK will still have to play without an audience.

“It doesn’t feel good because HIFK and the league community have complied with the regulations of the authorities. We are waiting for a final decision and then we will know what the situation is, ”said HIFK’s Sales Director and future CEO. Markus Lindström.

“Every game has a huge financial significance. We have been in this situation for more or less a couple of years. We live in an audience and an encounter, and in that sense the situation is equally difficult for everyone. ”

In Rauma was pleased with the decision made on the fast schedule of the southwestern Finland.

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“We’re getting spectators and atmosphere back into the hall. The 50 percent audience capacity was pleasant information. At the same time, we were mentally prepared to play longer without an audience. We appreciate the decision, ”said Rauman Luko’s CEO Jukka Kunnas.

He said he hoped the situation would level off for all the clubs in the League.

“This key decision was also important for other clubs. It is hoped that there will be a gradual increase in capacity. ”

The lock is now working to ensure that the club is able to meet the terms of the decision.

“We are doing things to the satisfaction of the authorities. The distances between the spectators are maintained, the mask recommendation remains and hand hygiene is taken care of. We have been able to show that we can organize events in a safe way, ”says Kunnas.

In TPS the decision was considered good given the club’s ability to host a safe event. Interim CEO Kai Koskisen according to TPS, the hall is so large that the club can easily receive the audience and at the same time carry out the event in a safe manner.

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“It’s hard to say how this works in practice and how people make the decision. Next week will tell you about it. The autumn got off to a good start. We believe that people are interested. ”

According to Koskinen, it has been embarrassing that the different clubs in the League have been in a different position and will be there again next week.

“Hopefully the viewer restrictions will be fixed in the same position. I understand that these are not easy to solve. ”

The lifting of restrictions will also ease the financial situation of clubs in southwestern Finland.

“We’ve been playing for a month without an audience, so it has a big impact.”

Aces managing director Mikael Lehtinen was delighted with avin’s decision and at the same time worried about his club’s finances.

“For several weeks, we have had no income. Last year, layoffs for temporary workers were possible, but now the same tool is not in use. Now is the toughest place on hand. One month at a time, we count on staying afloat. ”

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