Health | Many people do not know how the risk of cancer caused by certain lifestyles accumulates over the years – The test tells you what effect your own lifestyle has

For example, smoking, alcohol consumption and being overweight accumulate a burden during life that increases the risk of developing cancer. The HS test shows how your lifestyle affects your cancer risk.

From the point of view of cancer prevention, the single most significant lifestyle choice is to stop smoking and the use of other nicotine products, i.e. snuff and electronic cigarettes.

Liisa Saarinen HS

3:00 am

In summer many achieve a relaxed atmosphere that they don’t feel like spoiling with bundling.

On vacation, wine can be bought on tap, and your special meaty delicacies are often sizzling on the grill. We also play in the sun when it shines for once. Many people notice after the summer that the weight has increased by a few kilos.

All of these things affect the risk of cancer.

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