Football The owls’ defense went into renovation – with this line-up, Finland will seek points from Kazakhstan at 5 p.m.

Finland will face Kazakhstan in the third final match of the World Cup qualifiers.

Finland the men’s national football team will face Kazakhstan in a vital World Cup qualifier on Tuesday, and the team’s defense has undergone a considerable overhaul.

Similarly, the game mode has changed from three toppers 5–3–2 to a four-man defense line and 4–4–2.

Playing on the defensive line Niko Hämäläinen on the left, Leo Väisänen and Robert Ivanov toppers as well Albin Granlund right.

Of the four, only Väisänen played against Ukraine from the beginning. Hämäläinen came on, the hour was injured Nikolai Alhon in place of.

Credit toppers Joona Toivio and Paulus Arajuuri have thus sidelined, as well as defended against Ukraine Jukka Raitala.

The opening configuration also rises Urho Nissilä, who came to Ukraine in exchange for the field as well Rasmus Schüller.

Have retained their place in midfield Glen Chamber and Robin Lod. The attack will continue Teemu Pukki and Joel Pohjanpalo.

The away match starts at 17.00 Finnish time. HS follows the match moment by moment in this story.

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Finland needs a practical win from the match to keep the dream of the World Cup alive.

After the match in Kazakhstan, there is an away match against Bosnia and Herzegovina and a home match against France.


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