Football The English Cup semi-final faced a surprising problem: the trains were not running due to electrical work

Supporters of Manchester City and Liverpool will find it difficult to get to London in mid-April.

Football The English Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Manchester City is due to take place on 16 or 17 April at Wembley in London. Now there is a surprising problem with playing the match: trains from Manchester and Liverpool will not run to London from 15-18. April.

At that time, electrical work is being done on the track.

The mayors of both cities, Manchester Andy Burnham and Liverpool Steve Rotheram, have appealed to the English Football Association (FA) that the match be played in a more accessible stadium. He told me about it BBC.

According to the mayors, options for high-speed trains would be cars, flying, complicated train options, or a long visit to the capital.

“Given the still higher fuel prices, it is clear that there will be additional costs and inconvenience for supporters,” the mayors said in a statement.

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In addition, mayors point out that highways are congested on weekends anyway, so the risk of accidents increases.

According to the mayors, track work has been known since 2019, but the FA has failed to take it into account.

According to the FA, the goal is still to find a solution that satisfies everyone with the railway and train companies.

The second semi-final will be played by two London teams, Chelsea and Crystal Palace, so the train problem does not apply to this match in the same way.

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