Football Teemu Pukki is now Finland’s all-time paint cannon – he will be remembered for these hits

Teemu Pukki gets a hundred full A national matches in the World Cup qualifier against France, but the top spot in the goal stats belongs to him – and possibly for a very long time.

Goat’s two goals against Kazakhstan were his national team career hits number 32 and 33. Jari Litmanen missed 32 goals in his own career, which is not officially over yet.

The 33-goal story of Pukki’s goals started at the end of May 2012. In the international match against Pukki, Pukki leveled the game to 2-2. The ball hit the target through the feet of the Turkish player.

Goat rose to the national team in 2010 as a young, fast, skillful but slightly soft striker.

The development and breakthrough of the early years of his career was hampered by a certain degree of caution. With his speed, he easily got to the finish line, but also missed situations by leaving them halfway.

Finland was drawn to the “Miracle of Gijon” in the World Cup qualifier in Spain in 2013. Pukki scored the Finnish goal in the match that ended in a 1-1 result.

Pukin The fifth national team goal of his career raised him to the topic of the national team and the nation in March 2013. Pukki evened the match against Spain in Gijon to 1–1 of Finland’s only goal.

Alexander Ring put the ball on a plate for him and instead of hitting it with his right foot it cannoned of his left shin wide of the goal. Great paint.

“Gijon’s miracle,” shouted the sports pages.

Not only was the goal important for Finland, it was Pukki’s first hit in the World Cup qualifiers. The four previous ones had come in so-called practice matches.

With his talent, Pukki took his career forward for many years. Playing was easy, goals came and he practiced hard practice only in appropriate portions.

The move to Germany and Schalke began teaching Puki life in the gym in addition to normal training.

Schalke Pukki failed to conquer, nor did the trick in Scotland, when he popped in the local club in Celtic.

Only the transfer to Denmark made Puk a top international player – and the national football team thanked.

In October 2018, Finland won the Estonian League of Nations match in Tallinn 1-0.

The first The Danish years to Brøndby’s time were quiet for Puk on the national team. Between 2014 and 2017, he scored just four goals in four years.

The times were not the most memorable in the history of the national football team.

Swedish Hans Backen During 2016, Finland played as many as eight away matches in 11 national matches.

The opponents were tough and the equation was complete: Buck stayed in one goal all year and Backe got fired on the same ride.

The actual heyday of the buck began in the League of Nations as countries close to the same level played against each other.

In these national matches, it often felt that one warm-blooded had hit the Finnish horses. The buck settled the matches one after the other.

Pukin and Litmanen’s national team goals are useless to compare, but during Litmanen’s time there was no League of Nations available, where opponents are lighter than in the European Championships or World Cup qualifiers.

Pukki scored Finland’s goals when Bosnia and Herzegovina fell in Tampere in the European Championship qualifier in June 2019.

Peoples the league matches restored the faith of both the national team and Puk, which was reflected in the European Championship qualifiers and is still visible in the ongoing World Cup qualifiers.

Still five of the leagues and leagues. Buck himself made the biggest change in realizing during his career what he can achieve by becoming a top athlete in every way, from Dishes and Exercises.

A small stain on the stats came in the summer when Pukki was left undefeated in the European Championships. And Finland didn’t celebrate with the goals anyway.

It’s impossible to pick Pukki’s most handsome national team goal, but the hits against Bosnia and Herzegovina at Ratina Stadium in June 2019 were enjoyable.

In the first goal, Pukki carried the ball almost half of the field and finally placed a gestureless soft touch next to the pole. He scored his second goal with a small movement over the goalkeeper.

Many of Puk’s ground goals have been timely runs from puncturing passes on the defensive line.

One of the absolute most handsome goals came in Nur-Sultan, when Pukki scored Finland’s first goal. A great performance that could have caused hardship for many players.

Pukki’s penalty kick decided the European Championship qualifier against Greece in September 2019 in Tampere.

Thus Teemu Puk’s 33 goals are divided between different events:

World Cup qualifiers 10 goals, European Championship qualifiers 10, League of Nations 5 and national matches 8.

All Goat’s career match goals:

25.5. 2012 Salzburg Turkey-Finland 2-3. Buck 90. ​​min 2-3. Mo

15.8. 2012 Belfast Northern Ireland-Finland 3-3. Buck 24 min. 2-2. Mo

11.9. 2012 Teplice Czech Republic 0-1. Buck 43 min. 0-1. Mo

14.11. 2012 Nicosia Cyprus-Finland 0-3. Buck 14 min. 0-1. Mo

22.3. 2013 Gijon Spain-Finland 1-1. Buck 79 min 1-1. MM-Kars.

11.6. 2013 Gomel Belarus-Finland 1-1. Buck 24 min, 0-1. MM-Kars.

21.5. 2014 Olympic Stadium Finland-Czech Republic 2-2. Buck 18 min 1-0, 20 min 2-1. Mo

6.10. 2016 Reykjavik Iceland-Finland 3-2. Buck 21 min 0-1. MM-Kars.

5.9. 2017 Shkodër, Albania Kosovo-Suomi 0-1. Buck 83 min. 0-1. MM-Kars.

26.3. 2018 Belek, Turkey Finland-Malta 5-0. Buck 13 min 1-0, 27 min. 3-0. Mo

8.9. 2018 Tampere Finland-Hungary 1-0. Buck 7 min. 1-0. KL

11.9. 2018 Turku Finland-Estonia 1-0. Buck 12 min. 1-0. KL

12.10. 2018 Tallinn Estonia-Finland 0-1. Buck 90 + 1 0-1. KL

8.6. 2019 Tampere Finland-Bosnia and Herzegovina 2-0. Buck 56 min. 1-0 and 68 min. 2-0. EM-Kars.

11.6. 2019 Vaduz Liechtenstein-Finland 0-2. Buck 37 min 0-1. EM-Kars.

5.9. Tampere Finland-Greece 1-0. Puck 52. min 1-0 rp. EM-Kars.

8.9. 2019 Tampere Finland-Italy 1-2. Buck 72. min 1-1. EM-Kars.

15.10. 2019 Turku Finland-Armenia 3-0. Buck 62. min 1-0 and 88 min. 3-0. EM-Kars.

15.11. Helsinki, Töölö Finland-Liechtenstein 3-0. Buck 64 min. 2-0 rp, 75. 3-0. EM-Kars.

18.11. 2019 Olympic Stadium Finland-Greece 1-2. Pukki 27. min 1-0. EM-Kars.

15.11. 2020 Sofia Bulgaria-Finland 1-2. Buck 7. min. 0-1. KL

18.11. 2020 Cardiff Wales-Finland 3-1. Buck 63. min 2-1.

24.3. 2021 Olympic Stadium Finland-Bosnia and Herzegovina 2-2. Buck 58. min 1-1, 78. min 2-1. MM-Kars.

28.3. Kiev Ukraine-Finland 1-1. Buck 89. min 1-1 rp. MM-Kars.

9.10. 2021 Olympic Stadium Finland-Ukraine 1-2. Buck 29. min 1-1. MM-Kars.

12.10 2021 Nur-Sultan Kazakhstan-Finland 0-2. Buck 45 min 0-1, 48 min. 0-2.

Finland’s historic European Championship venue was confirmed in November 2019 at the Töölö football stadium in a match against Liechtenstein. Finland won 3-0 and Teemu Pukki scored two goals.

On Tuesday in Kazakhstan, Pukki scored two goals. Finland still retained the opportunity to survive the Qatar World Cup.


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