Football | HJK honored their fans with a gesture that HIFK did not agree to after the chaos of the Stadin Derby

HJK offered tickets to the main stand for the Inter match at no additional charge to those who could not get their seats in the Klubipääty.

HJK–FC Inter 3–0 (0–0)

HJK increased their lead at the top of the Veikkausliiga by beating FC Inter at home 3–0.

The victory means that HJK’s point pool increased to 55, while KuPS, who played less in the match, has 50 points. The teams have yet to play a match against each other.

He became the hero of the people of Helsinki against Inter Anthony Olusanya, who completed two goals. The final score was embellished by the penalty kick Bojan Radulović.

Bolt arena The supporter’s end was closed on Sunday by the order of the Palloliitto’s disciplinary committee.

The punishment was due on 5.9. about the events of the played Stadium Derby. At that time, HJK fans lit torches in the stands, rushed to the field area and spread an illegal tifo, or support sheet, in the stands.

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HJK decided to make amends to its supporters when the sanctions became public. The club offered tickets to the main stand for the Inter match at no additional charge to those who could not get their seats in the Klubipääty.

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On the other hand, HIFK, which will suffer the same punishment next week, will charge its season ticket holders in the main stand an additional fee of ten euros if they want to watch the last home game of the season. This has not been to the fans’ liking.

HJK’s commercial manager Sirja Luomaniemi messaged HS why the club ended up with a different solution than the local opponent.

“When the Finnish Football Federation ordered Klubipäädy to be closed, it was obvious to us that we would offer Päädy’s season ticket holders and those who had already bought a separate ticket there tickets from the other part of the stand. It would have been completely unreasonable to force our active supporters to pay for their tickets again,” Luomaniemi reasoned.

However, HJK’s supporters played with fire again against Inter when they started chanting “Uefa mafia” in the stands. The same provocative shouting brought the club a fine of 10,000 euros in the Europa League.

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HJK’s young winger Casper Terho recently signed a contract with the Belgian club Royale Union Saint-Gilloise, and immediately gave his future employer strong evidence.

“Of course they follow me all the time. I’m not quite sure if they are here to watch, but yes they watch every match,” said the 19-year-old top prospect.

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Casper Terho (right) and Petteri Forsell twist the ball near the sideline.

Terho started Olusanya’s 1-0 goal with a nice low cross in the 49th minute. In addition, he showed off his kicking power by slamming the ball fiercely into the top bar of the Inter goal.

Terho was so fired up that he was also inspired to dunk the ball between the opponent’s legs right in front of the HJK supporters’ group. The performance caused the biggest applause of the evening, and the teammates were also excited to acknowledge the circus trick.

“Yes from Perpa (Perparim Hetemaj) there was a bit of talk about it right away on the side of the field and then in the locker room,” Terho smiled.

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HJK’s 2–0 goal was scored by Inter’s goalkeeper Walter Viitalan as a result of incomprehensible rambling.

The experienced Wiitala frowned as he followed with his eyes Atomu Tanaka shot high into the sky, and the ball bounced off his back straight to Olusanya in front of an empty net.

Inter suffered a nasty setback in the opening half when Matias Ojala was badly injured when he collided in a collision Try Soir with. Ojala stayed on the surface of the grass holding his leg and had to be carried off the field on a stretcher.

Inter arrived in Helsinki under a new command after being fired Miguel Grau worked as an assistant coach Ramiro Muñoz took the reins in Turku two weeks ago.

So far, Muñoz’s team has recorded two defeats and zero goals scored.

HJK’s match on Sunday was watched by a wonderful 4,381 spectators on the spot. This is also how the club’s Hall of Fame was nominated Mikael Forssell received the honors he deserved before the match.

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