Football Belgian and Real Madrid star criticizes football decision-makers: “Uefa cares about money, not players”

Thibaut Courtois expressed concern that no one is listening to the players.

Belgian goalkeeper of the national football team and Real Madrid Thibaut Courtois continued to criticize the umbrella organizations of the sport after the bronze medal match of the League of Nations.

The International Football Association (Fifa) and the European Football Association (Uefa) got their share when Courtois, 29, roared Sky Sportsin in an interview.

Just before the interview, Italy had won the bronze match 2-1.

“Let’s be honest: this game is all about money. We just played because it knows more money for Uefa and an extra match on TV, ”Courtois said.

Courtois’n the words are not the speech of a bitter player, but the goalkeeper already said before the match that he considered the fight unnecessary.

Soccer site Goal told how Courtois said playing in third place in the League of Nations was futile. He saw the match as a mere practice game.

“Look at how much the teams made changes to their lineups. If we had played in the final, there would have been other men on the field, ”he said after the game.

Courtois’n employer Real Madrid has been at odds with Uefa because of the Super League’s big league. Courtois also talked about this.

“They may be angry about Super League plans, but they don’t care about the players. They only care about their own pockets, ”Courtois sobbed.

The goalkeeper expressed concern that no one would listen to the players. Fifa wants to hold the World Cup in the future every two years instead of the current four years.

“And now reportedly they want the European Championships or the World Championships in the program every year. When do we rest? We never will, ”Courtois said.

“Injuries just keep growing. We’re not robots, but the games just become more and rest less. No one cares about us. ”

Sky Sports and the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC did not reach Uefa on Monday to comment on Courtois’ concerns.


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