Folders, balance and excerpt: up to € 3 thousand you pay only 20%. Melons Plan

Tax Bills: 80% discount. Fdi: “Everything on the tax will change”

The next government to guide Melons seems to have very clear ideas on several issues, one of them concerns tax bills. It is estimated that between now and the end of the year approximately will be sent to the Italians 26 million for a total of 1100 billion from credits accumulated since State from the outbreak of the pandemic. But of these – reads the Messenger – for different reasons, they can be to retrieve only about the 7% of that money. That’s why the new executive evaluates one maxi amnesty on lower tax bills to close accounts with the past e dispose of the huge backward that floods the offices ofRevenue Agency.

“The goal – explains a source from the Brothers of Italy and reported by Il Messaggero – is not a simple one reform of the tax system but the opening of one new era in the relationships between taxman And taxpayersinspired by mutual trust and the rebalancing of relations between citizens and the State. “The first step, in fact, is one amnesty wide-ranging on tax bills. The project that the new majority is developing provides for an operation of balance and excerptsor, up to 3 thousand euroswith the payment of 20 percent of the debt and the cut of the remaining 80 percent. And in the case of higher amounts, the payment of the entire tax increased by 5% in replacement of penalties and interest, with installment payments automatic in 10 years.

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