Congress of Ecuador begins session on impeachment of President Lasso


William Lasso

Guillermo Lasso, President of Ecuador.


EFE/Presidency of Ecuador

Guillermo Lasso, President of Ecuador.

It seeks to know and resolve the issue of the removal of the Constitutional President of the Republic.

An hour ago the session started. National Assembly of Ecuador in which the issue of the impeachment of President Guillermo Lasso will be discussed.

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The session is virtual and 135 legislators participate. In addition, the Legal Secretary of the Presidency, Fabian Pozo, is present.

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The 135 assembly members will analyze the request of the 47 Correista legislators from the Union for Hope (Unes) caucus.

The only item on the agenda will be “hear and decide on the dismissal of the Constitutional President of the Republic, based on the request of at least a third of the members of the Assembly.”

“Secretary Álvaro Salazar reported that 135 (of the 137) assembly members are registered,” to deal with the request for the dismissal of Lasso as responsible for the “serious political crisis and internal commotion” in the country, Parliament announced on Twitter.

A few hours before, representatives of the Government and indigenous organizations held a first meeting in search of dialogue.

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