Combined Finns have a great day at the Holmenkollen combined – cross-country skiing lifted Herola almost to the podium

Ilkka Herola letter from 19th to 5th in the combined World Cup individual competition at the Holmenkollen in Oslo. After the hill section, he left the track for the 13th place Eero Hirvonen completed the excellent Finnish Day in seventh place.

Herola embarked on a 10-kilometer cross-country ski run in 1.56 minutes with the top Austrian Mario Seidlin behind, but Savolainen quickly caught up with the skiers who had left ahead. In the finish Herola difference Norwegian winner Jarl Magnus Riiberiin was 45 seconds, and the Finn in the end was only 14 seconds away.

Herola has been on the podium once this season when third place in Austria’s Ramsau came out in December. The fifth place was the second for Herola in the cup season, and the Finn has also finished sixth twice during the season.

Hirvonen took 13th place after a valid hill run and came to the finish three seconds after Herola. For Hirvonen, the ranking in the top ten was the first of the World Cup season.

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About other Finns Arttu Mäkiaho was 34, Otto Niittykoski 41: s and Rasmus Ähtävä 44: s.

Riiber, second in the World Cup, took a double win at Holmenkollen over the weekend and shrank Austria on Sunday Johannes Lamparter point management clearly. Lamparter was eighth on Sunday.

Seidl finished second in Sunday’s race. Norwegian Jens Lurås Oftebro was the third on Saturday.

The combined World Cup ends next weekend in Schonach, Germany.

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