Columns The new version of the scandalous hit series Gossip Girl from the 2010s became a flop – a series that has become too serious has been called a long-winded Excel spreadsheet

A drama series about serious elite young people who are “aware of their privileges” is not interested, writes Piritta Räsänen.

Gossip Girl was one of the biggest TV hits of the 2010s art. Its recipe for success was clear: to make adults disapprove and young people to admire.

The aggravation was exploited in second-season posters printed with excerpts from bad reviews and a statement from the Parents Television Council.

In one of the posters, an unidentified character kisses Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) on the neck. The text below the picture reads “every parent’s nightmare”.

I myself, as a brochure, remember watching the first seasons secretly from my parents in my own room. Undoubtedly, many young people are now doing the same Euphorian with.

His time with a meter Gossip Girl (2007–2012) was scandalous. The episodes in the series were full of intrigue, sex, drugs, and teenagers who behaved – and often looked the same – as adults. It was followed by an anonymous gossip blog, Gossip Girl, who managed to reveal the secrets of young people in Manhattan time and time again.

Then Gossip Girl decided to bring back. The idea for the z-generation’s own version certainly sounded good, but unfortunately the series released for HBO Max last fall is a huge disappointment.

In the new series, a number of fearful teachers (including Tavi Gevinson) decide to raise Gossip Girlin come to life by creating an Instagram account where they start leaking gossip from their unruly students. In particular, Julien Calloway, a Finnish influencer (Jordan Alexander) and her sister Zoya Lott, who had just moved to the city (Whitney Peak), between which teachers create confrontation.

Original Gossip Girl was an almost stressful viewing experience because of her twists and turns, offering mysteries: Why did Serena disappear for a year and who is Gossip Girl?

The new version puts you to sleep. Its only mystery remains where the complete escapism previously offered by the series has disappeared.

There are a number of serious ecclesiastic teens on the farm who “recognize their privilege” and ironically say flat things like “we don’t believe in hierarchies” or “damn patriarchy”.

Why make a series of New York’s rich, pampered elite youth if they don’t behave that way? Gossip Girl was entertaining because it was completely absurd. Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) bought a hotel as a teenager, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) expelled their opponents from the city.

The most successful series in recent years have been the satires that mock the white upper class, such as Success or released last fall White Lotus.

Gossip Girl however, it is not satire, it is only serious. In fact, it is so serious that the British newspaper Independent described it in their assessment it is as long-running as an Excel spreadsheet.

Its predecessor compared to the revamped series the only successes remain the relaxation of heteronormativity and the versatile role that brings in non-white Actors.

Admittedly, they could have been offered a whole new series without Gossip Girlin sad ghost.

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