Colombia vs. Peru: full capacity despite massive covid infections


Colombia Paraguay

Colombia Paraguay. Second time. Zero to zero in the Metropolitan Stadium of Barranquilla.


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Colombia Paraguay. Second time. Zero to zero in the Metropolitan Stadium of Barranquilla.

The game will be on January 28 at the Metropolitan Stadium of Barranquilla.

Despite the massive contagions of covid-19 for its variant Ómicron, the first match of the Colombia selection will have 100% of the fans in the Metropolitan Stadium from Barranquilla.

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According to the mayor of the city, Jaime Pumarejo, the conditions in which fans enter the game help prevent infections. This, because the requirement is that everyone comes vaccinated.

It is not an epidemiological risk

Colombia selection

Colombian Football Federation Press

“The party of the Selection It has shown that it is not a high epidemiological risk, it is outdoors, everyone is in their position and at that time there is much more control of the mask. There is always a defined group of people, and after the game there is no change in contagion rates, we gave the game free rein, “Pumarejo told Caracol Televisión.

The match will be on November 28 against Peru, the first match of the final stretch of the Qatar World Cup qualifier to be played at the end of this 2022.

“We have been seeing an increase in cases for 20 days, but we have not seen an increase in hospitalizations because we have 96% vaccinated with the first dose and much more than 70% with the second dose,” Pumarejo also said about the growing number of infections by covid.


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