Cali fans: Argentine Ministry of Security asks for deportation


Cali bars

Cali bars in Argentina.


Ministry of Security of Argentina

Cali bars in Argentina.

Authorities rule on the case.

Some 17 fans of the Colombian Deportivo Cali carrying knives, daggers and mittens were detained this Thursday by the police of the city of Buenos Aires, hours before his team faces Boca Juniors in the Bombonera for the Copa Libertadores.

“We have just prevented a tragedy, with the weapons we seized we prevented a tragedy. We are going to ask Migration to intervene, a Federal judge is going to have to act to deport them immediately,” declared the Minister of Justice and Security of Buenos Aires, Marcelo D’Alessandro.

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harsh measures

The operation was carried out by personnel from the Criminal Conduct Division of the Sports Events Directorate of the capital police in the neighborhood of Puerto Madero, where Cali fans met to go to the Boca field.

“It is a tremendous degree of violence. “This cannot be a violation or a simple fault. The City Attorney General’s Office gave us the tools to stop them. We are going for a much more severe criminalization than what the city code gives. For me, there is an illicit association here. For me they should be deported. On our part they are going to enter the admission system to the fields, but migrations should act and be deported, “he declared to LN +.

On Wednesday several barrabravas from Cali were wounded with white weapons, one of them seriously, when they were attacked by others from Racing inside a train when it was stopped at a station on the southern outskirts of Buenos Aires.

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