Benjamin Mendy: new chilling story is known: ‘Don’t move’


Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy arrives at court.

Benjamin Mendy arrives at court.

The trial against the Manchester City player rape and sexual assault continues.

The player’s theme Manchester CityBenjamin Mendy, on trial for assault and sexual abuse in England, it does not stop and more testimonies are known every day.

Mendy appeared in May 2022 to deny the nine charges against him, but more and more new revelations and stories about the sexual cases that haunt him come to light.

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strong testimony

A 19-year-old recently commented: “I remember waking up with Mendy on top of me. Horrible… I was inside myself. I remember telling her I didn’t want to do anything because I had my period. She didn’t say a word but handed me a towel so I put me under.”

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The Daily Mail published a new revelation that states: “He raped a teenage girl while holding her hands behind her back and saying:” don’t move, don’t move “, it was commented.

The woman commented that this happened in July 2021, at a pool party at the player’s mansion.

“I was on a sofa and Ben (Benjamin Mendy) was behind me. She grabbed both of my hands from behind her while she was having sex with me, and she was telling me, “don’t move, don’t move”. She said it three or four times,” she commented.


After the disastrous 2016-17 season, the July 2017 market began with an open checkbook for Guardiola. He demonstrated it with the purchase of Benjamin Mendy, a French winger from Monaco that cost 57.5 million euros. He was, for a few months, the most expensive defender in football history.

“I tried to run away, but I couldn’t get my hands in front of me. I was a little scared and I remember feeling uncomfortable. I wanted to get up. I could feel him inside me and his hands holding me tightly, ”said the woman.

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