Zain launches its new technology entity “ZainTech” in the Middle East markets

Zain Group announced the launch of a new technology entity “ZainTech”, to establish one of the largest regional comprehensive stores that provide platforms for digital solutions and services for government institutions and companies in the Middle East markets.

The group revealed in a press statement that the new regional entity will provide digital solutions to multinational companies and governments through a single comprehensive point of contact for sales and customer service, as the Zain Tech platforms will provide an advanced incubator for a wide range of options for managed solutions for cloud services, cybersecurity, big data, the Internet. Things, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, and Business Innovations.

Zain explained that the new entity will include the work of NXN, its operating arm in smart city projects, and the work of its company, Zain Data Park, the regional center for cloud hosting and cybersecurity, which is the path that the new entity, Zain Tech, aims to achieve. The expected growth in the areas of cloud hosting and managed services to assist companies and government entities in their digital transformation plans.

It is worth noting that the ZainTech launch ceremony took place on the sidelines of the GITEX conference, the largest regional exhibition for information technology, which is hosted by Dubai. Nawaf Al-Gharaballi, Chief Business Officer, Carriers and Operators at Zain Saudi Arabia Saad Al-Sadhan, and Andrew Hanna, CEO of ZainTech.

Zain Group aspires that the new technological entity will assist it in integrating the business of NXN and “Zain Data Park” (ZDP) to serve its strategic directions in the areas of digital infrastructure, as this step will push its business plans to go beyond telecommunications services, and achieve its vision of becoming the leading provider of information technology. Communications and digital lifestyles.

Bader Nasser Al-Kharafi, Vice Chairman and CEO of Zain Group, said, “The launch of (Zain Tech) represents for us a major step in our Sight 4 business strategy, and a qualitative development for Zain’s regional portfolio of services in the digital sector, as the new technology entity will focus the first of its kind among telecom operators in regional markets, to provide digital transformation solutions.

Al-Kharafi added, “Zain Tech will enhance our competitiveness in the technological fields, and will enhance the synergy of our investments and digital capabilities, which have a wide geographic and regional footprint. Information and Communication.

Al-Kharafi explained, “We are pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Hanna as CEO of the new entity (Zain Tech), as Hanna will work closely with the Zain Group and its subsidiaries to unify joint efforts in business projects, in a way that helps the new entity to acquire investment opportunities that serve Our growth plans in the region’s markets.”

It is worth noting that Andrew Hanna, the newest member of Zain Tech, has extensive experience in the fields of communications and information technology, spanning more than 25 years, and Hanna acquired these experiences through his rich career in the regional and international markets.

The new entity of Zain Group is preparing to meet a wide range of business needs such as: cloud solutions, cyber security, managed services and related professional businesses, and will also provide digital standard solutions customized to meet the needs of various sectors that benefit from the latest digital innovations in the fields of: Internet of Things, Big Data Artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies.

ZainTech CEO Andrew Hanna said, “I look forward to working with visionary leaders in the businesses of local, multinational, city management, and government entities to simplify and accelerate digital transformation and the next generation of technology innovations.”

He added, “Zain (Zain Tech) aims to enable customers to adopt modern technologies that suit the pace of life, and exceed aspirations and desires to keep pace with developments in the business environment in preparation for the future.” NXN The new technology entity “Zain Tech” will include NXN, which was founded in 2007, and the date of the Zain Group’s acquisition of this company goes back 5 years, as the group aimed from this step to help it transform into a comprehensive digital provider, and NXN benefits from the expertise and competencies of the consulting teams In the areas of data and technology solutions, it provides an advanced digital services platform for corporate and government clients, and a wide range of technological innovations needed by smart city building projects.

Zain Data Park The history of the establishment of “Zain Data Park” ZDP dates back to the last year, and it is expected that the integration of this company’s business will help in the growth plans of the new technological entity “Zain Tech”. During this short period of its establishment, it was able to provide its customer base from government entities And the companies are a chain of innovative services in the areas of information technology, which focused on cloud hosting services, managed services, including applications, cybersecurity, and networking. Projects and Business Sector Zain Tech’s strategic plans will give great attention to the B2B business and enterprise sector, which is awaiting significant growth in the Zain Group markets, as the company looks forward to developing the business enterprise environment and providing advanced technological services to enhance the group’s competitive positions in the Middle East.

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Source: Al Ittihad – Abu Dhabi


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