Yuya will be absent from her social networks when entering the last stage of her pregnancy

Mariand Castrejón, better known as Yuya, announced that she will take a month off to focus on the last stage of her pregnancy in order to receive her baby in the best conditions.

Since she released this news to her more than 16 million followers, the youtuber did not stop sharing various details of the progress of her pregnancy.

In her recent Instagram story, she commented that she will be absent from social networks and her YouTube channel, as she wants to focus on planning her new stage as a mom.

“I have not talked to them, but I’m going to go. A month before I’m going to leave my home, I’m going to leave a little to my work team and I’m going to go to the sweet wait, Held.

In his absence, he stressed that he will leave recorded content so that his production team can continue working on their networks. Likewise, the famous influencer showed various looks that she put together for the photoshoot of her makeup line Dancing together.

“Right now it’s my turn to get everything ready. I’m going to stop working half a month for adaptation, but I also I’m anxious. I already want to see, I already want to make life and find a way for everything to continue”He added.

On the other hand, Mariand was also nervous when she revealed that she is looking forward to the arrival of her firstborn.

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