Young Argentine kills her mother-in-law for an argument about cleaning the house


The Argentine Prosecutor’s Office determined that it was not his intention to kill her, but to injure her.

The Argentine Prosecutor’s Office determined that it was not his intention to kill her, but to injure her.

The victim, who was identified as Laura Giordano, was 41 years old. Her daughter-in-law is 18.

A 41-year-old woman died after leading an argument with her 18-year-old daughter-in-law in the Mendoza town of Las Heras. The young woman pushed her against a wall and the victim, when she fell, broke her neck and died. After the fact, the attacker was arrested.

Brenda Ávila was accused of the crime of preterintentional homicide of Laura Giordano, since, although she would not have intended to kill her, her pushing caused the woman’s death.

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The discussion would have been generated by the cleaning of the house that both shared on San Juan street, at 2,700 Las Heras, according to sources cited by the local newspaper ‘Los Andes’.

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At one point in the fight, which was witnessed by another family member, Ávila pushed Giordano against a wall where a bicycle was leaning. It was then that the woman fell and broke her neck. Although she was immediately taken to the Carrillo hospital in a neighbor’s vehicle, she was already dead.

According to the indictment, The prosecutor considered that the defendant did not intend to kill her mother-in-law but did injure her, which is why he labeled the act as “preterintentional.”a crime that provides for a maximum penalty of 6 years in prison.

The young woman’s crime was stipulated as preterintentional homicide.

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Although at the beginning of the investigation the girl had admitted that she had pushed her mother-in-law, today she refused to testify before the Homicide prosecutor Carlos Torres and in the next few hours she will be housed in the El Borbollón women’s prison.

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