World War II The last soldier to free Auschwitz camp has died

Former Red Army soldier David Dushman was 98 years old when he died.

Last Soldiers involved in the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp, David Dushman, has died at the age of 98. The news agency AFP reported on the matter.

Dushman was a soldier in the Soviet Red Army, who later became an international-level swordsman. Dushman’s death was announced by the International Olympic Committee.

On January 27, 1945, Dushman drove the Auschwitz electric fence over in a Soviet T-34 tanker to release prisoners from the camp.

Dushman recalled what had happened In an interview with Süddeutsche magazine in 2015.

“We knew little about Auschwitz,” Dushman told the newspaper.

He also stated that he had seen “skeletons everywhere”.

“They jumped out of the barracks, sat and lay among the dead. Awful. We threw all our canned food at them and immediately set out to chase the fascists, ”Dushman told Süddeutschelle.

The extent of the atrocities in the camps only became clear to Dushman after the end of the war. Dushman himself was a Jew by family background.

DushmanIN a total of 69 soldiers survived the war. Dushman was seriously injured in the war.

Despite these, Dushman later became the best swordsman in the Soviet Union and later one of the best fencing coaches in the world, The International Olympic Committee writes in its bulletin.

Dushman coached the Soviet women’s fencing team from 1952-1988.



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