World Cup football | The rage of the Uruguayan player can bring a long ban: “They are all thieves”

Jose Maria Gimenez could be banned for up to 15 games.

of Uruguay Defender of the World Cup team Jose Maria Gimenez may have to regret his Friday tantrum for a long time to come.

Gimenez, 27, came under fire after Uruguay’s World Cup campaign ended with a narrow exit in the early group stages.

Uruguay beat Ghana 2–0 in their final match, but still fell behind South Korea in third place in the group based on the goals scored comparison.

One more goal would have been enough to send Uruguay through, and the Uruguayans were furious after the match referee failed to whistle a penalty in the dying moments, where Edison Cavani fell in the penalty area.

The hottest of all was Gimenez, who would talk about the jury’s actions for a long time even after the final whistle of the match.

“They’re all thieves, these bastards. Yes, just picture this. Bastards”, Gimenez raged his greeting directly to the TV camera.

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You can see a video of the situation from this link.

From the final whistle In the chaos that followed, Gimenez, who was rushing after the referee with several of his teammates, also hit the back of the head of the costumed man standing by with his elbow.

Mundo de Deportivo Gimenez could face a ban of up to 15 matches if it is reported that he intentionally attacked a Fifa official.

In theory, the possible ban could also apply to the club games of Gimenezei, who plays for Atletico Madrid.

According to the newspaper, the case is now under consideration by Fifa’s disciplinary committee.

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