World Cup football | Lionel Messi announced that he will continue his national team career

The Argentinian star said before the World Cup final that the match would be his last in the national team shirt.

Lionel Messi said during the World Cup final that the match would be the last international match of his handsome career. After the final, however, he hinted at something else.

Messi, 35, who held up the World Cup victory trophy, told a reporter from Argentina’s Tyc Sports Gaston to Edulthat the career in the “Albiceleste” shirt would not end after all.

“I’m not quitting the national team. I want to play as a champion again,” Messi said in a televised interview in his home country.

Among others, a well-known football journalist told about Messi’s surprising decision Fabrizio Romano and an Argentinian journalist Roy Nemer on their Twitter accounts.

Mess told the reporter that he is waiting to return to his homeland.

“I can’t wait to see how crazy it is in Argentina,” he gushed.

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“The World Championship is everyone’s dream. I am lucky to have achieved everything. I still lacked this,” Messi said, referring to the Jules Rimet trophy in his lap.

Mess has played 172 A matches in Argentina’s shirt. He has scored 98 goals in them. Messi has played 26 World Cup matches, the most in the history of the entire tournament.

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