World Cup | Emil Bemström from Sweden, who immersed the lions and also worked at HIKF, is planning a food date with Patrik Laine: “A great dude”

Emil Bemström and Patrik Laine were club friends on the Columbus NHL last season.

Morning paper

Swedish striker Emil Bemström was unlucky in Sunday’s early block game against Norway.

Sweden rushed its neighbor as high as 7-1, but despite several top spots, the Columbus NHL player didn’t get the puck to the finish line. In one force majeure, Sweden’s number 72 lost three finish points.

However, Bemström collected one entry point and increased his tournament power to 1 + 3.

“It’s a good question, which went wrong with my goal this time. Let’s save those goals for the playoffs, ”Bemström said, throwing a smile.

Columbus’ 22-year-old striker is not Tre Kronor’s most famous player, but he has certainly been remembered by many Finns in the Tampere World Cup.

Bemström immersed himself in the encounter of Finland’s initial block. He was the only one who succeeded in the winning shot competition and secured the first and so far only loss of the Finnish tournament.

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He may be familiar too Patrik Lainetta for the following. The duo played last season as teammates on the NHL crew of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

When asked what kind of teammate and player Laine is, the answer comes from that famous pharmacy shelf.

“Great dude, we get to know each other pretty well. He is a great player and definitely a real professional in what he does, ”Bemström praises.

He says that he was in contact with Laine during the Tampere World Championships.

“We’ve been in touch and talking a little bit about going to eat together. It remains to be seen.”

Bemström also has a Finnish connection to his career as a player. In the autumn of 2020, when the NHL started later than normal due to the corona situation, a Swede was seen in the Finnish league.

He scored a nice 17 points in 16 games at HIFK before continuing through Columbus.

Emil Bemström played at HIFK in the autumn season 2020. Picture of the September rehearsals.

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NHL breakthrough has not yet fully succeeded at the pier from Nyköping. Last season brought 54 matches and 11 power points. There were also a few games in the AHL.

The four-round booking has played in the NHL for three seasons. The most effective has been the opening season 2019–2020, when the newcomer knocked 20 points.

The situation of Bemström and the Finns is intertwined in Columbus. The Swedish and Laine have the same situation: the agreement ended last season and there is nothing new yet, at least not made public.

The threads are held in the hands of Columbus’ Finnish GM Jarmo Kekäläinen. When asked if Bemström will continue next season in a Columbus shirt, he’s enigmatic.

“It’ll be seen then,” he contentes himself with a reply.

At least he hasn’t met Kekälä while in Tampere. Columbus-GM has also been present to watch the World Cup.

Should a follow-up deal with Columbus be made, he would definitely want to continue with Laine in the same jersey.

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“I would definitely like him to continue then. He is one of the best players in the NHL. ”

Patrik Laine has played with Emil Bemström as a companion in Columbus for recent seasons. The club for both upcoming seasons is still open. Photo from July 2021.

Bemström has already been scared at the World Championships in Finland. Expenditure in Sweden has been strong, as has Finland. The final between Finland and Sweden does not sound funny at all to the Swedes.

“It would be a great finale for these races,” he says, and is clearly excited about the idea.

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