World Championships Skiing | In Oberstdorf, a young Finnish team competing under the leadership of Iivo Niskanen can accommodate many first-timers

Cross-country skiing


Ristomatti Hakola, 29

Company: Jämin Jänne

Wanderings: Hakola can choose the trips he wants. Involved at least in sprint and post and probably in 50km. An important link in the message quad.

Previous value competitions: Sprint’s 6th place at the Lahti World Championships 2017 (v) and the Pyeongchang Olympics 2018 (p)

Perttu Hyvärinen, 29

Company: Puijon Ski Club

Wanderings: Main distance 15 kilometers (v), a condition for other normal trips as well. Skiing on the message team is probably the traditional part.

Previous value competitions: In Seefeld, Hyvärinen was 19th in the 15 km (p) and 22nd in the combined race. I message Nelonen about both Seefeld and the Pyeongchang Olympics.

Lauri Lepistö, 24

Company: Kouvola Ski Club

Wanderings: He was behind Juho Mikkonen in the sprint of the Finnish Championships in Pyhäjärvi, but he will still be able to start as a supplement to normal trips.

The first time of the Games.

Juho Mikkonen, 30

Company: Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu

Wanderings: You can probably get to the action at the beginning and end of the race, i.e. in the sprint and 50km.

Previous value competitions: The only previous value start from the Sochi Olympics, where he was eliminated from the sprint in time.

Joni Mäki, 26

Company: Reflected Ski Team

Wanderings: Sprint (p), sprint message (v), 15 km (v) and message anchoring are probably part of the Mäki race contract.

Previous value competitions: Mäki, who made his breakthrough this season, was 13th in the sprint two years ago in Seefeld.

Iivo Niskanen, 29

Company: Puijon Ski Club

Wanderings: The Games end with the traditional 50 kilometers that brought Niskanen Olympic gold three years ago. Included on all distance trips and in the message. The skis apparently post the third leg, as the free portions of the post are skied on a much tougher track than the traditional leg.

Previous value competitions: The most successful Finnish skier of the 2010s has in his closet the Olympic gold from the Sochi sprint message and 50 km from Pyeongchang, as well as the world championship from 15 km from Lahti (p). In Seefeld he won a bronze medal at 15 km (p). The World Championship bronze in the sprint message from Lahti completes the medal statistics for the value competitions. In Seefeld, also fourth in the combined race.

Markus Vuorela, 24

Company: Jämin Jänne

Wanderings: With these views you can ski at least 15 kilometers from normal distances and a combination race.

The first time of the Games.

Lauri Vuorinen, 26

Company: Ski Team 105

Trips: The Finnish sprint champion from Pyhäjärvi also skis in Oberstdorf. Along with Hakola, a sprint was sent as a friend to Mäki.

Previous Championships: Passed the sprint (p) time trial at the Pyeongchang Olympics, but did not relegate in the batch stage. In the Seefeld sprint (v) there was no continuation of the time trial.


Jasmi Joensuu, 24

Company: Vantaa Ski Club

Wanderings: Mc screens are a sure place to sprint, probably also included in the sprint message and message.

The first time of the Games.

Anne Kyllönen, 33

Company: Kainuu Ski Club

Wanderings: Included with these views in the sprint and 10 miles, possibly in the sprint message duo.

Previous value competitions: Was eighth in Val di Fiemme in 2013 at 30 km (p). In Lahti, the combination race took 11th place. Olympic silver from the message of Sochi.

Katri Lylynperä, 27

Company: Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu

Wanderings: Based on World Cup screens, involved in a sprint and possibly a sprint message.

Previous value competitions: Has been involved in the World Championship sprint twice. In both Lahti and Seefeld, the freestyle sprint ended in time trial.

Johanna Matintalo, 24

Company: Table Athletes

Wanderings: It basically competes in sprint, combination race, post (traditional section) and 30 km, ie purely free trips are missed.

Previous value competitions: He was involved in Lahti, Seefeld and Pyeongchang. Top rankings 17th, 18th and 19th.

Laura Mononen, 36

Company: Hämeenlinna Athletes

Wanderings: Potential participant for all distance trips and message. The strongest mc screen from the Lahti combination race, with 21st.

Previous value competitions: Mononen, who made her debut in the value competitions only at the age of 30, is the bronze medalist of Lahti 2017. She was 12th in personal trips in both Lahti and Seefeld.

Vilma Nissinen, 23

Company: Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu

Wanderings: The first adult value start of the career in the combination competition. Can also accommodate up to 30 km. The best mc placement is from the combined race in Lahti (31st).

The first time of the Games.

Krista Pärmäkoski, 30

Company: Ikaalinen Athletes

Wanderings: Ski all the distances and message.

Previous value competitions: Won one silver and two bronze medals from Pyeongchang for personal trips. In addition, silver from Lahti in the combination race. Silver and bronze in the sprint message from the World Championship level and three bronzes in the message. About the Olympics message bronze.

Riitta-Liisa Roponen, 42

Company: Visa Ski Team Kemi

Wanderings: Konkari focuses on 10 kilometers (v) and a message with a strong candidate for the third leg.

Previous value competitions: Five medals from the post and two from the sprint post. Of the individual competitions, seven value placements in the top ten. The first World Cup of his career in Oberstdorf in 2005.

Ski jumping


Antti Aalto, 25

Company: Crystal Athletes

Previous value competitions: Aalto, who played in the World Cup, has not reached the top 30 in the World Championships and Olympic Games in personal competitions.

Niko Kytösaho, 21

Company: Lahti Ski Club

The first time of the Games.

Jarkko Määttä, 26

Company: Kainuu Ski Club

Previous value competitions: He made his World Cup debut in Falun in 2015 and was also involved in Sochi a year earlier. Best personal ranking 19th place on Seefeld Normal Hill.

Eetu Nousiainen, 23

Company: Puijon Ski Club

Previous value competitions: Nousiainen, who participated in Seefeld and Pyeongchang, has been ranked 40 worse in personal competitions.

Home deputy: Arttu Pohjola.


Susanna Forsström, 25

Company: Lahti Ski Club

Previous value competitions: Ranked 40th in both the Seefeld 2019 and Falun 2015 Normal Hill races.

Julia Kykkänen, 26

Society: Helsinki Ski Jumpers

Previous value competitions: Was already involved in Liberec 2009 at the age of 14. 10th place in the Val di Fiemmen 2013 Games.

Jenny Rautionaho, 24

Company: Ounasvaara Ski Club

The first time of the Games.

Julia Tervahartiala, 18

Company: Lahti Ski Club

The first time of the Games


Ilkka Herola, 25

Company: Puijon Ski Club

Previous value competitions: Herola, who reached the podium at the World Cup, was fifth in Seefeld in the normal hill race and eighth in Pyeongchang on the same trip. In the championships since the 2013 World Championships in Val di Fiemme.

Eero Hirvonen, 25

Company: Jyväskylä Ski Club

Previous value competitions: Hirvonen, who had been in pain for a long time with his jump, was sixth in Pyeongchang on both personal trips. Fourth competition.

Wille Karhumaa, 20

Company: Ounasvaara Ski Club

The first time of the Games.

Perttu Reponen, 19

Company: Crystal Athletes

The first time of the Games.

Otto Niittykoski, 19

Company: Ylistaron Racing Brothers

The first time of the Games.


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