World Championships Skiing | Ilkka Herola is the best skier in the world, but he doesn’t do well for his neighbors: “Endurance and piety do not run out among that man”

One of the secrets of Ilkka Herola’s wild skiing condition is a familiar man from a neighbor: “It is important for the well-being of the House of Lords that there is sometimes a chat club and time passes more comfortably.”

Ilkka Herola has been one of the best skiers in the world combined for several years. Success has not caught up with the pace on the track, but the success in the hill jump.

In the combined World Cup, Herola won the so-called ski time cup last season, which means she was the fastest skier on average. In the previous two periods, the corresponding investments were second and third. In this season, he is second.

Herola, 25, directly admits that her physical possessions are better suited to the trail than to the hill where she is asked about explosiveness, speed, and strength.

“I’m more of a slow and durable type. It’s not easy with my qualities to be the best on the hill, so I need to be able to use my speed-power potential pretty well on the hill. Oman physics exploitation am able to place a little lack of speed-strength side. “

“That’s important for the well-being of the House of Lords, that there is a conversation between them and that time passes more comfortably.”

Ilkka Herola estimates that his development as a skier is based on improved technology and economy.­

Investments in the ski time cup say that Herola has been able to develop on the track in recent years. In his view, the development is based on improved skiing technology and economy.

“I get better out of my performance by skiing.”

In developing skiing, Herola has had a kind of secret weapon: a neighbor’s man in Kuopio.

“Yes, Ilkka is an athlete with a much stronger endurance capacity today than even at the Lahti World Championships. [2017] time. It has been nice to see the development up close, ”says Herola’s neighbor.

He’s called Iivo Niskanen.

Niskanen and Herola used to live in neighboring houses for several years, but last fall Herola took a little distance and moved – almost a mile away.

On this basis, Niskanen and Herola are good training friends.

“Of course, it’s great that there is an easy-going jogging guy nearby who usually manages to be with the whole run and a little longer. There is no end to the stamina and piety of that man in the midst of these my workouts. It has been a big advantage and help. If you can watch one of the best skiers in the world up close for several years, then you will forcibly learn something from it. That, too, is a big privilege, ”says Herola.

Herola says that she trains with Niskanen as much as the camp and competition programs allow. Of course, the training programs also have to be compatible.

“When Iivok also spends 20-30 hours a week on various loops, it is important for the well-being of the House of Lords that there is a conversation between the times and time passes more comfortably.”

Herola calculates that during the year they train an average of once or twice a week. In winter, of course, it is about skiing, but during the melting country, in addition to roller skiing, the program includes running and cycling.

“At least Iivo is such a data bank.”

“If you can watch one of the best skiers in the world up close for several years, you will be able to learn something from it,” says Ilkka Herola.­

Iivo Niskanen skied to become the Finnish champion in the 15-kilometer freestyle race on Lake Pyhäjärvi on 13 February.­

Before The duo practiced the World Championships together in Puijo, Kuopio, on the second Sunday of the week. At the time, Niskanen had a light restorative loop in the program after the Finnish Championships.

“I made bets, and Iivo described it on the side of the workout and gave a little technical feedback.”

Herola admits that Niskanen is a part-time coach for him from time to time.

“Probably at least through the flow of know-how, also a little new and more accurate understanding of endurance training. At least Iivo is such a data bank, so that’s how he participates in this career of mine. ”

Herola says that she talks a lot with Niskanen about endurance training during the exercises, which Niskanen is very interested in more broadly than in connection with his own training.

“We discuss a lot about, among other things, what kind of technical issues are emphasized in modern skiing. Together, we consider a deeper analysis and practical implementation. From my skiing, Iivo can observe how those things come true or what you could try as a new thing. ”

Although in the combined race only in the free skiing mode, about a third of Herola’s ski training takes place in the traditional way.

“Pertsa has to be skied quite a lot these days because it is more gracious in terms of hill training. It makes movements much easier for buttocks. It doesn’t have that kind of static grip, so it hangs less. Pertsa is a better form of training for caring and restoring runs. ”

And what other than a chat buddy Niskanen has received from Herola in joint exercises?

“Probably a lot of hill coaching. It would probably be just a diamond leg angle right away when trying, and it would work on the bow of the jumper. That day is awaited, ”Herola blushes.

“I think it’s important to have some kind of plans for the future during my career.”

Although the combined only competes in the free skiing way, about a third of Ilkka Herola’s ski training takes place in the traditional way.­

More seriously Herola believes Niskanen has got something on the recovery side that combined athletes have to think about from the perspective of two sports.

“We analyze the state of alertness of the body and the state of the nervous system very closely. Probably the fact I’ve been able to give Iivolle possibly some kind of new perspective and a little different for your box will outside thinking. “

Niskanen feels that he has received versatile training, follows longer runs, thoughts on strength training and sparring for speed training.

“Yes, for example, a workout after a hard morning workout is much faster when you ask for Ilka’s light restorative workout in the afternoon,” says Niskanen.

The duo a lot of friendship is also said by the fact that outside of sports they are partners. They are shareholders in a company whose business is real estate management. In practice, it is a matter of renting investment apartments.

The company also includes Herola’s brother and an old army friend.

“It’s a post-career time for that kind of hobby. Remains at times thoughts in other careers than just sports. I think it’s important to have some kind of plans for the future during my career, ”Herola says.

With the exception of Niska, the other three shareholders are studying economics at the University of Eastern Finland.

“We thought more about learning and saving by investing in these properties. It’s not about being employed at this point, it’s more about learning the rest of life. He learns to do accounting and more, ”says Herola, who is gradually taking his studies forward alongside sports.

Music, studying and small-scale business sometimes take Ilkka Herola’s thoughts away from sports.­


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