Workout of the day Many work their buttocks with hit movements without success – Personal trainer has developed a home training program that brings real results

The gluteal muscle requires not only a varied workout but also frequent awakening with various activating movements. Jenni Eskelin, the personal trainer of the fitness compass, shows a side lift in the knee brace, which allows the buttocks to be activated effectively.

Many people train their buttocks with either a furious squat or endless repetitions of pelvic lift – in vain. The personal trainer designed the workouts to activate and strengthen the buttocks.

Eliisa Aikkila photos Anna Huovinen

4/11/2021 7:00 AM | Updated 9:40

How to train now that corona restrictions have closed many indoor exercise venues? HS releases 1-10. January again Sport magazine’s most popular workout stories that offer tips and inspiration for daily exercise at home.

One one of the absolute hit movements of the gym right now is the pelvic lift that develops the buttocks on the bar.

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