Working life Technology giants are starting to demand coronation vaccination from employees – in Finland it is not possible, but in extreme cases access to the workplace can even be denied

According to business organizations, the employer can force a corona test. Organizations are skeptical about forced vaccinations.

Business organizations are sharpening the idea of ​​forcing workers to take a coroner vaccine. Finland’s current legislation on coronary vaccination is voluntary.

In the United States, the big technology companies Google and Facebook are reported intends to require coronation vaccination from its employees. In Finland, the vaccine force has been triggered by the Deputy Mayor of the City of Helsinki Nasima Razmyar (sd) and Professor of Working Life at the University of Helsinki Vesa Vihriälä.

“Vaccination is not suitable for Finnish society, except in certain special areas, such as healthcare, where it is justified from the point of view of customers’ health,” says the CEO of the Central Chamber of Commerce. Juho Romakkaniemi.

The Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) also considers the current legislation to be sufficient, and Finnish entrepreneurs believe that the initiative for a possible mandatory change in the law should leave the authority.

Deputy Mayor Earlier this week, Razmyar wondered on Twitter whether those working with at-risk groups and unvaccinated children should be required to take the vaccine so that unvaccinated people would not endanger the health of others.

Professor Vihriälä also believes that it would be “perfectly justified” to allow a vaccination requirement in work tasks where employees come into close contact with other employees or customers.

“It seems inconceivable that healthcare professionals could refuse to take a vaccine that, in the light of research data, protects patients quite well. And I do not find it unreasonable to require teachers to have coronation vaccination in order to reduce the risk of infection in contact teaching, ”Vihriälä writes on his blog.

Current the legislation does not give employers the means to force employees to take coronary vaccination. According to the Communicable Diseases Act and its supplementary regulation, the coronary vaccine is voluntary.

An employer cannot force a coroner vaccination, but according to business organizations, an employer can force a coroner test and, in principle, even prevent an employee from entering the workplace.

“In our opinion, the corona test can be forced if it is necessary for occupational safety,” says the CEO of Finnish entrepreneurs. Mikael Pentikäinen.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, an employer can prohibit an employee from coming to work if he or she endangers occupational safety. The employer has a legal obligation to take care of the occupational safety of its employees and an unvaccinated employee may pose an occupational safety risk to other employees or a health risk to customers.

EK General Counsel Markus Äimälä says that the employer must try to eliminate the occupational safety risk, for example, either by moving to teleworking and other work tasks or by protection, such as masks.

“If reassignment or safeguards do not eliminate the risk, the employer is in principle entitled to prohibit the employee from entering the workplace. There are probably not a lot of such employees in Finland, ”Äimälä estimates.

Central Chamber of Commerce According to Romakkaniemi, vaccine coverage can be accelerated instead of forcibly with the right information and easy access to vaccination, in which occupational health care could play a role.

Romakkaniemi would also introduce soft incentives to buy vaccines. Such would be, for example, a vaccine passport. He points out that in France, the announcement of the introduction of a vaccine passport clearly increased appointments for vaccination times.



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