Working life Research: Half of Finns have been the target of “technical support” scams

According to a Microsoft survey, three percent of Finnish respondents have lost money to scammers acting as technical support representatives.

Half Adults living in Finland have been exposed to “technical support” scams, according to an extensive survey.

A study commissioned by software company Microsoft was conducted in 16 countries to determine the extent of these scams.

In technical support scams, the scammer often acts as a representative of a service provider and attempts to phish information such as personal information, passwords, bank IDs, or credit card information.

These are often callers who, in poor English, try to get a respondent to download a program that spies on their computer under the guise of security updates.

The problem is global. Its scale is illustrated by the fact that Microsoft alone reports receiving 6,500 complaints a month from people who have been the victims of a rogue who is a Microsoft employee.

According to the survey, half of Finnish respondents have been exposed to such scams. Twelve percent of the respondents have continued to contact the scammer in a contact situation and 3 percent have lost money.

About the results however, it turns out that Finnish respondents are more vigilant than the global average when confronted with scam attempts.

Globally, 59 percent of respondents had been scammed and seven percent had lost money in scams.

Exposure to technical assistance scams appears to have decreased, with an average of 64 percent worldwide exposure in 2018 and 68 percent two years earlier.

This year, Finland participated in the study for the first time.

The study was conducted by market research company Yougov in April – May. The survey mapped the experiences of approximately 16,000 Internet users over the age of 18 from technical support scams in 16 countries.



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