Working life Left Alliance Andersson: Career-related severance pay a worthy drug for older people’s employment

In his speech to the party council, Li Andersson, chairman of the Left Alliance, also proposed raising the protective part of unemployment insurance permanently to 500 euros.

Left Alliance chairman Li Andersson In a speech to the party council on Saturday, he presented ways in which the party would improve the employment of older workers if the social partners could not find in their negotiations adequate solutions.

The Left Alliance attaches great importance to severance pay based on, for example, career length, Andersson said.

“This would help reduce employers’ incentives to lay off older workers, who are more difficult to re-employ. At the same time, the compensation provides financial security for redundancies for long-term employees. ”

Government in the context of the budget debate, instructed the social partners to agree on strengthening the employment of people over the age of 55 by 10 000 to 12 000.

The government is committed to deciding on the action itself if the social partners fail to reach an agreement by the end of November.

In his speech, Andersson referred to Sweden, where the employment of the elderly is considerably higher than in Finland. The neighbor has, for example, a reverse termination order, which means the strongest termination protection for those who have been in the house for the longest time.

Such a model is not directly suitable for Finland from Andersson, but the safety of the elderly should also be strengthened in our redundancy situations, he said.

From Andersson, the responsibility of employers, especially for the re-employment of older workers, should be increased.

“This could mean, for example, strengthening the obligation of employers to provide training and occupational health services and extending their duration on the basis of career.”

Andersson also commented on the forthcoming employment negotiations ahead of the government’s spring framework debate.

“We in the Left Alliance make it clear that reforms aimed at unemployment security in the spring will be carried out without compromising the level and duration of security,” Andersson emphasized.

According to him, the Left Alliance will propose, among other things, that the protective part of unemployment insurance be permanently increased to 500 euros.

“It would be a concrete way to improve work incentives without undermining the livelihoods of people in difficulty,” Andersson said.

The protection component refers to the amount of money that an unemployed jobseeker can earn without affecting unemployment benefits. During the interest rate crisis, the hedging component has been temporarily increased so that the increase is valid until the end of March.

Andersson also welcomed in his speech that the government receives support from the people in opinion polls. At the same time, he pointed a spike at the opposition.

“Even the right-wing opposition has not properly found criticism of the treatment of the corona crisis. Both parties have chosen to emphasize their own favorite theme: one talks incessantly about immigration and the other about indebtedness and lowering high-income taxes. ”

“The thinness of the criticism of economic policy is shown by the fact that the Coalition Party is unable to say what it would do differently or what it would not do to reduce indebtedness.”

Coalition Party vice chairman Elina Lepomäki ran oitis to respond to the criticism.

“I don’t know if Minister Andersson has read the Coalition’s proposals. We have put forward concrete measures to create 120,000 jobs. Strengthening employment and growth is a precondition for maintaining the welfare state. The government, on the other hand, does not seem to look beyond the coming months, ”Lepomäki wrote in a press release.


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