Working life It’s not just a list of jobs on your resume, it’s something else entirely – that’s how you make a resume that’s guaranteed to stand out from the crowd

In the Do It column, HS looks for answers to readers’ problems. This time we ask, what kind of cv is worth doing today, how to stand out from the crowd? At the end of the story, you can suggest your own question.

A resume can also be made on a skill basis. It focuses more on skills and competencies than on jobs and titles.

Tuomo Yrttiaho


Job search the planning reader needs help. How to create a complete resume that stands out from the crowd?

Cv ie curriculum vitae is another of the basic job search documents in addition to the actual job application, says an expert in business and recruitment services Johannes Mielo From the Uusimaa Employment and Economic Development Office. It is often thought of as a resume, but in reality it has a broader meaning.

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