Working life | Helsinki raises the wages of almost 2,600 of its employees

Five million euros have been set aside for the salary program.

Helsinki the city increases the salaries of personnel in those sectors with a labor shortage.

Part of the wage increases will be directed to education and training, social and healthcare workers.

Increases are expected, for example, in those daycare centers where there have been difficulties in hiring qualified early childhood educators.

In this year’s budget, five million euros have been set aside for the city’s wage development program. This is the fourth time that increases in accordance with the salary development program have been made.

Salary development program raises the salaries of nearly 2,600 people. The program is based on the mapping of salary increase needs and ensuring the availability of skilled labor for the employer’s needs.

The most critical professional groups have been selected in cooperation with the management and personnel professionals of industries, agencies and business establishments, as well as the city office. During the preparatory work, various parties, such as representatives of personnel organizations, have been widely consulted.

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