Working life Generalists are increasingly needed in working life – These skills and qualities are being sought by many employers right now

Only specialization in a narrow field is becoming increasingly rare in working life.­

Educational institutions are increasingly emphasizing multidisciplinary competence and crossing disciplinary boundaries. It is estimated that there is a growing need for generalists, ie multi-skilled people, in working life. Four teaching and leadership experts will tell you what skills are required in future working life.

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Juha Riihimäki

11:00 | Updated 12:25

The millennium A panel discussion was held at the Turku Book Fair to discuss, among other things, the importance of humanities education from the perspective of employment.

One question was: where is the humanist needed? It made me smile. Similarly, the response of one panelist aroused: humanists are needed precisely in those fields where humanists do not yet exist.

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