Working life Akava explained: Almost one in five has been subjected to violence or the threat of violence in their work

The Center for the Labor Market of the Higher Education Institution would reduce harassment and violence from working life by tightening the occupational safety law.

About Akavala 23 percent have experienced violence or a threat of violence at work and 36 percent have experienced harassment or other ill-treatment in the past three years, according to a recent survey by Akava Works.

There is a higher incidence of violence among women compared to men, under the age of 45 compared to parents and in municipalities compared to other employers.

“These numbers are surprisingly high. The big problem is that the threshold for dealing with violence and harassment is really high, ”says the labor market director of Akava, the labor market organization for higher education. Katarina Murto.

Short half of those who experienced violence said their employer had not intervened in the violence.

The reason 17 percent said the employer was unaware of the violence. Less than a third said no violence had been addressed, even though it was known.

“Every third person who had experienced violence had been dealt with by their employer, and ten per cent had also reduced or stopped the violence after the employer’s action,” says the researcher. Joonas Miettinen.

Harassment or 39 per cent of those who experienced other ill-treatment had been harassed by their employer. In more than one in ten, inappropriate treatment had been reduced or eliminated after the employer had acted.

The employer had not intervened in the inappropriate treatment of 31 percent of those who experienced harassment, even though they knew about it. In 19%, the employer had not intervened because he was unaware of the matter.

Threshold Akava should report and address harassment by tightening the occupational safety law, which the organization has already proposed clarifying. mental strain prevention.

“Legislation must specify the employer’s obligation to prevent and take action to eliminate harassment and inappropriate treatment and violence. The employer must have a duty to ensure that the harassment or other inappropriate treatment also ends, ”says Murto.

“We are proposing that failure to comply with the provisions on harassment and the threat of violence be added to the Occupational Safety and Health Act as an occupational safety violation,” he says.


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