Woman who killed her mother and uncle lasted several days with the bodies in her house


Woman killed her mother and uncle in Mexico

The murder took place in a house in the Alfonso XIII Unit, in Mexico City.

The murder was recorded in a house in the Alfonso XIII Unit, in Mexico City.

The neighbors of the place called the authorities due to the smell that came from the house.

A woman was arrested by elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City, after being found inside her home with the lifeless bodies of her mother and uncle.

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Is about Karla ‘N’, 18 years oldwho allegedly spent several days with the bodies of his mother Paola and his uncle Juan in his apartment located in the Alfonso XIII unit in the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office.

Neighbors called 911

According to journalist Carlos Jiménez, it was on August 6 when neighbors called 911 after hearing screams, barks and blows inside the apartment in which the now detained person lived. But when the authorities arrived at the scene, no one opened the door for them and they chose to leave.

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seven days later, the neighbors called the authorities again, but this time because of a strong smell coming from the department, so the police force entered to meet with Karla using her dog to prevent entry of the uniformed

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However, the animal was controlled by the Animal Surveillance Brigade. Upon entering the apartment, the police found the bodies of the young woman’s mother and uncle, who had bruises and bites from the animal.

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