Woman ‘s rib Get old right so you don’t get bothered by your children

Smart starts planning his old age in his forties, because you can never trust the help of others, writes HS’s Annamari Sipilä in her column.

More than a hundred years old British supermarket chain Morrisons recently announced it would no longer put it expiration date date on their milk bottles and jars. It is time for consumers to learn to smell and taste their milk and to realize for themselves when milk is sour.

Morrisons milk will only come in the future best before -date indicating the date of minimum durability. After that, the drinker rests on his own nose.

The decision of the retail chain is not only common sense but also a condensation of our time’s attitude towards aging. Who among us would not want to have a can of skimmed milk in our own lives: the date is long gone, but there is no change in the milk – silky and odorlessly neutral, it still seeps from its jar.

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For everyone of course, this is not enough either.

Altos, based in Cambridge, California and the UK, has launched a billions in projects to develop anti-aging technology. Journal information Altos Labs is funded by Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos and a host of other rich, aging men. The goal can be to extend life expectancy by up to half a century.

However, one should always be careful about what one hopes for, especially if one cannot get all the way to California.

Language University fresh research says that while the number of healthy working years is growing, the growth rate is not as fast as life expectancy. An Englishman in his fifties is, on average, facing only nine healthy working years. As the retirement age is raised, part of the population will fall off the ride.

How to find those gray grains? A large British insurance company in Phoenix begins to attract knowledgeable in their fifties by pruning words energetic and eager their job advertisements. The words are reportedly associated with too much youth.

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Author Merete Mazzarella has dealt with aging in his masterpiece When summer turns – the art of aging (2000). He cites the author Hans Ruiniawho has wondered how aging surprises us. Life is like summer, “turning around its axis” in one week in mid-July. Before that, everything was still ahead. After that, we only have a deferral period.

The smart forties act as soon as he smells the summer of his life in July. Planning for old age should begin while it is still in full force. One should try to grow old so as not to be a hassle for children and others. There will soon be no more caregivers and no money from the states. The support network tears, and children are likely to reject as well.

Finance companies offer retirement savings as a patch. Money is never a nuisance, but as it gets older, its marginal benefit goes down. Rather poor and healthy than rich and sick.

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Health is, of course, always partly a genetic lottery. Therefore, you have to try to influence what you can do yourself.

Immediately after the 45th anniversary, it’s time to say a resounding “no” to all that is accelerating the journey to an unmanned self-catering house in the 2040s: Not for couch potatoes. Not for macho extremes. Not for industrial food. Not for alcohol. Not for instant entertainment. Not for the boring party.

The goal is to survive in a tenacious and multi-skilled lonely nineties in the middle of a climate catastrophe and hybrid war in a deserted North Karelian agglomeration, secured only by a cottage, kick sled, ice fishing tackle, ax, compass and What our plants are good for -work.

Yes to energy. Yes for enthusiasm. Yes for skim milk.

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