Woman deceives criminals and uncovers sexual exploitation network that captured her daughter


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The woman used social networks to find the sex trafficking network

The woman used social networks to find the sex trafficking network

The criminal network recruited minors and supplied them with substances to abuse.

The mother of one of the victims posed as a minor and came into contact with these men to reveal the location and mode of operation of these subjects who were engaged in recruiting young people among the 14 and 16 years.

The events occurred in Gandia, Spain, where a woman was key in the investigations to find the whereabouts of a sex trafficking network that had captured her underage daughter.

The operation called ‘Alike’ began at the end of June 2022 when two minors were reported missing in La Safor, province of Spain.

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After the disappearance of these young women between the ages of 14 and 16, one of the mothers posed as a minor and managed to enter contact through social networks with one of these menwhich facilitated the capture of the sexual exploitation network.

The information was provided to the Civil Guard of this country, who intercepted a house where the two young women were, asleep by psychoactive substances and having relationships with several men.

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According to El País, the members of this sexual exploitation network used social networks to offer refuge to minors in Gandia, once the young women arrived at the house. they were given psychotropic substances to have sexual relationsboth with them and with other men who frequented the house.

The authorities of this country had arrested two men aged 50 and 37 in October and the mother of one of the minors found the whereabouts of another of the members.

These three people are attributed the crimes of sexual abuse of minors and the proceedings have been delivered in the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 3 of Gandia.

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