Withdrawals Several manufacturers in Finland are withdrawing ice cream and sugars from sale due to the carcinogen

Retractable products should not be used, but should be returned to the dealer or disposed of as bio-waste. However, no significant damage to health is expected if the product has already been used.

21.7. 20:22

Several Manufacturers in Finland have announced that they are withdrawing batches of ice cream and sugars from the market because residues of ethylene oxide have been detected in the products.

The Food Agency classifies ethylene oxide as a carcinogen. It has not been possible to set a safe intake limit for the substance, which is why the substance must not enter the food chain at all.

Mars Finland announced that it was withdrawing from the market part of the imported ice cream products, in the manufacture of which the emulsifier used has been found to contain concentrations of ethylene oxide in excess of those permitted in the EU.

Östman Trading from Kokkola has also received information that its imported Swedish ice cream from Sweden residues have been found in the same substance.

Finnish Sugar, on the other hand withdraws Dansukker Jelly Sugar Multi product items from sale, for which ethylene oxide has also been detected in locust bean gum.

The consumer should not use the recalled products, but the products must either be returned to the point of sale or disposed of as bio-waste.

For health however, no significant harm is expected if the product has already been used.

According to the Food Agency, ethylene oxide in low concentrations is not known to cause immediate serious health damage. Adverse effects are unlikely to occur until after prolonged continuous use.



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