With Óscar Cortés, but without Mackalister Silva: this is how Millionaires go for the South American


Millionaires vs.  America

Millonarios celebrates the winning goal against América.


Mauricio Moreno. TIME

Millionaires celebrate the winning goal against América.

The ambassador team comes from beating América de Cali. Now it goes for the América MG.

Millionaires continues at a steady pace. The Bogotá team defeated América de Cali 2-1 this Saturday and left their way to the final of the League hanging on a single point.

Alberto Gamero’s team, less showy than on other occasions, continues to achieve results that excite their fans with a title.

In the panorama, Millonarios has two challenges: the local tournament and the Copa Sudamericana. And although he is the leader of his group in both, the albiazul team hopes to revalidate their good moment at the end of the semester.

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This Tuesday, Millonarios faces América MG from Brazil, with several novelties. The most outstanding: the return of Óscar Cortés and the casualties of Mackalister Silva and Fernando Uribe.

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High and low Millionaires for the Copa Sudamericana

The celebration of Millionaires after scoring the second goal for América.


Cesar Melgarejo – WEATHER

For the duel this Tuesday, Millonarios has in the call lThe novelty of Óscar Cortéswho comes from playing with the Colombian National Team in the U-20 World Cup.

Likewise, the Bogotá team confirmed the losses of Fernando Uribe and Mackalister Silva due to injury.

“During the match against América, the player Fernando Uribe sprained his right ankle, while the player David Mackalister Silva presented a muscle discomfort in the hamstring of his right leg”communicated the club.

In the same way, with the official call, the absence of Luis Carlos Ruiz shines.The duel between Millionaires and América MG will be this Tuesday, at 7 pm

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In the League, Millonarios will visit Boyacá Chicó next Sunday.

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