Winter The difficult snow situation in Helsinki continues – the city is opening temporary storage sites, street salt is running low

The amount of snow transported to the reception areas is already almost double the average winter.

Heavy snow winter has caused problems in Helsinki. The city has now opened temporary snow collection sites to alleviate the difficult snow situation, the city of Helsinki informs.

Under normal conditions, there are nine actual snow receiving locations in Helsinki. In addition to them, seven temporary reception places have now been opened around the city, but their capacity is already starting to run out.

As a result, snow removal has slowed, according to the city.

This winter, almost 80,000 loads of snow have been transported to the snow receiving sites, compared to 40,000-60,000 in the average winter.

The city has almost 400 winter care units in use.

Due to difficult parking, the city has opened Hietalahdentori as a temporary parking space for residents.

Lumen in addition, challenges to winter maintenance are brought about by the scarcity of street salt at the moment. Salt salt is used on driveways to prevent slipperiness and prevent snow from freezing.

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Helsinki City Street Maintenance Team Leader Tarja Myller dwindling salt stocks are a problem throughout southern Finland.

“Even in Helsinki, we now have to regulate salt and use it primarily in front of protective roads. For this reason, even the busiest streets are bumpy and difficult to navigate in some places, ”says Myller.

The city expects replenishment of salt storage within a few weeks.

“We hope for street users to have patience and restraint in traffic, as well as peace of mind for machines and drivers who clean the streets,” Myller hopes.

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