Winter holidays “It’s kind of a bad conscience because I want to be an obedient citizen and at least I don’t want to threaten this situation,” says Minna Hongisto-Sorjonen from Helsinki.

Southern Finns have taken over the ski resorts of the north this week and everything seems to be the same in Levi, for example. But when you take a closer look, notice that there isn’t.

The ski holiday is now spent in conflicting moods and long intervals are held in the hotel’s breakfast queue. Many wondered for a long time whether to leave. Many also say that there is an equal risk of coronary infection in the daily life of the South.

Coronary risk however, he now appears in Levi as well.

Local K-retailer Pirre Mahlberg got to hear news on Sunday that couldn’t have come at a worse time. The best sales days of the year are going on, which the fear of interest will further improve as people avoid restaurants.

K-Market, located in Kittilä’s Levi tourist center, had to close its doors right at the beginning of the first week of ski holidays, when all staff were quarantined due to coronavirus exposure.­

All staff in the store were quarantined for one infected worker. K-market Levin Poro was closed on Tuesday, but will open again on Wednesday.

“This came at the worst moment, yesterday Monday was such a crushing day. I thought the most overwhelming day last March would have been the day when it became known that the elevators would close tomorrow, ”says trader Pirre Mahlberg.

“That’s when the customer flow didn’t end then. Now the whole deal was ordered to close. But luckily it was only yesterday and today. ”

From Ryttylä Traveled to Levi Anne Kekki there are long stairs up the Levi slope to the Panorama Hotel.

“The security side here is so well taken care of. As soon as there is no mask on somewhere inside, then one of the staff will shoot and bring the mask. It’s your own fault then, if you don’t take it, ”says Kekki.

Anne Kekki looked at the landscape in front of a hotel built in the fells in the tourist village of Levi on Tuesday.­

“It feels like this Levi in ​​particular has become a kind of eye stick. This is considered worse than it is. If you want to go out in the nightlife, you can do the same at home. ”

He says it also appeared on his own social media. His Levi post brought about twenty likes, but at the same time a couple of starvations.

A lot has changed in Levi now. One much-talked-about sight is the legendary Vinkkari slope restaurant, described as legendary last March. There is now no mono dancing and no rock playing, the terrace has twenty cents of snow and a closed-sign at the gate.

After ski restaurant Vinkkari is closed.­

Visit Levi’s CEO Yrjötapio Kivisaari describes the beginning of the ski holiday weeks as critical. There is a lot at stake.

“We have done our best. Now it’s all up to what kind of people come here and how they follow the instructions. Our Easter and the rest of the year will also depend on it, ”says Kivisaari.

Turku resident working in the care sector Krista Laine packs his car in the parking lot, which is like a huge ski box growth garden. She says she has treated a coronary patient and knows how serious the disease is. He has already received his vaccine.

Krista Laine went to take the youngest of the family to accommodation, while the rest of the family continues downhill skiing.­

“You have to be able to move in your free time, otherwise there will be mental health problems. Despite the vaccination, I like the mask and safety gaps, ”Laine says.

Her husband Erno Laine says he has not seen any of the staff members without a mask. They both wondered if they could leave, but came to the conclusion that it was safe when you consider the essentials.

“I stayed telecommuting in March, now I can finally see landscapes other than my backyard. For example, due to the skis, there will be a safety distance of at least two meters in the lift queues anyway, ”says Erno Laine.

Helsinki Minna Hongisto-Sorjonen says at the hillside cafe that the situation is a little worrying, but it makes it easier to be able to isolate yourself in your own place.

“People behave well here and pay attention to others as well. We’ve only been to shops, not to nightlife, ”he says.

“It’s kind of a bad conscience because I want to be an obedient citizen and at least I don’t want to threaten this situation.”

At the same time, he ponders that if you rotated around the city at home in Helsinki, the risk of getting infected could be even higher than in Levi’s outdoors.

“Even in elevators, people go in their own gangs. The count alone, and I have every time you go alone private elevator and a queue is moving still. “

Espoo resident Tiitus Aho has been to Levi since Saturday and has only visited the restaurant once. He also says he is applying for more needs for his apartment from the store at once to keep the risk to a minimum.

Tiitus Aho put a cloth mask on his face as he went to the elevator queue.­

“We were already at Ruka at Christmas and stated that the risk there is not greater than anywhere else. It is similar to trade in the south, ”says Aho.

He, too, would like the corona situation to be settled. He also points out that the biggest concern recently has been the outbreak of infections from abroad and they have not come from Levi, for example.

As usual, the queue formed on the southern slopes of Levi on Tuesday.­


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