Winter Here is the winner of HS’s snow sculpture competition – The illustrator and art teacher conjured the work with a spoon, knife and wallpaper in Hermann, Helsinki

Readers voted second the best friends of the snow work The Royal Friends of Espoo and third the work Asola of Vantaa, When There Are Still Polar Bears.

Helsinki In Hermann on Saarenkatu, next to Violanpuisto, stands the winning work of HS’s snow sculpture competition.

Readers chose Our neighbor Totoro winner of the snow sculpture competition 15 finalists from among. Snow sculptures from different parts of the Helsinki metropolitan area took part in the competition. A total of more than 4,000 votes were cast.

Sympathetic character of the Japanese Hayao Miyazakin from a film written and directed by My neighbor Totoro received an overwhelming avalanche, more than a thousand votes. The film is a fantasy-themed anime film from 1988.

“We chose Totoro because it’s such a lovable character. There are a lot of children moving around the area and they recognize it, ”says one of the authors of the snow work, Jenna Kunnas.

Our neighbor Totoro was also a fitting name, as the Municipality built the work upstairs for its neighbors Asta Myllyksen with.

“In addition, Totoro fits well here because as a character it is the protector of large trees. There are huge elm trees in this area, ”says Kunnas.

Last During the week, tens of cents of snow fell on Helsinki. Since then, snowy winter weather has been obtained in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, which has inspired many, in addition to outdoor activities, to liven up yards and parks with snow sculptures.

HS received images from readers of more than a hundred spectacular snowmen and other sculptures. The style and theme were free. The competition was open alone or as a team.

Illustrator Jenna Kunnas and visual arts teacher Asta Myllys used spoons and a knife to sculpt Totoro. However, the best tool was to use plastic wool for wallpapering.

“The snow worked pretty well when it was made tight enough. Sculpting the character was pretty easy, ”Kunnas says.

The most difficult part was placing the umbrella in Totoro’s hand so that it would stay in place. The eyes for the character were obtained from two stones.

It took the most time to pile up the snow. The work was almost two meters long when fresh, but now it has collapsed a bit.

“Totoro was a one-day job, although yes we went pretty late. But in the light of the park, it was good to see even in the evening. ”

In the municipality says that Totoro was made specifically for the park to the delight of visitors and the neighborhood.

“It’s been a lot of fun to watch from the window when so many people have stopped to look at it. They have looked so happy. ”

Our neighbor Totoro The snow work was continued this week. Kunnas and Myllys were excited to make a snow sculpture of a cat bus with Totoro traveling from place to place in the film. The cat bus is on the same street as Totoro.

Jenna Kunnas (left) and Asta Myllys pose with the Kissabussi sculpture.­

“You can think of it coming to pick up Totoro. Let’s see what else we can do here if there is enough snow. Maybe this is just the beginning, ”Kunnas says.

The cat bus is considerably larger than the work depicting Totoro.

“Sure, we both do a lot of work with our hands, but we’ve never done anything so big in the snow.”

Second In HS’s snow sculpture competition, readers voted for a work in the Kings of Espoo Best friends.

The work Best Friends was inspired by a childhood dog and time spent with relatives.­

Sculptor of the work Mirjam Kallis says the idea came from a Labrador Retriever who had a Kallis family in his childhood.

The inspiration for carving a child, in turn, came from time spent with sledges on a sledge. Kallis, who usually lives in London, has been in Finland for six months due to the coronavirus situation. He was especially excited about the snow.

In both sculptures, the headache was produced by proportions and gravity. How thin do the limbs dare to make?

“The challenge was how to keep the little details going. I made a dog first, and I tried to figure out the former dog of the family from it, ”Kallis describes.

“As a child, I wondered if my feet could do so to keep the sculpture upright.”

The making of the sculptures began with a snowball for the dog and a pole for the child, from which the details could be shaped. Those Expensive made with a planting shovel.

“As if the butter pack had been brushed,” he laughs.

The works are still standing, although the child has turned a little forward in the warm weather.

Child and dog photographed from behind.­

Third the snowwork in Asola, Vantaa, received the most votes When there are still polar bears. The work was inspired by climate change.

The sculptor says he made the details of the polar bear with a kitchen knife.­

“I’ve missed a lot of the winter, because the metropolitan area had last year, the winter is not correct at all. Then I started thinking, what if winter didn’t come at all, and it somehow resembled the story of a polar bear, ”says the polar bear sculptor Katja Parkkinen.

Parkkinen had no previous experience in making snow sculptures, unless the snowman made in the winter is counted. Making a polar bear started with a big snowball, to which Parkkinen carved details with a kitchen knife.

“At the same time, I looked at the cell phone for what polar bears look like,” he says.

The spouse also helped to make the work Jarno Varis. The division of labor for the couple was clear: Parkkinen carved and Varis brought cocoa.

The child stopped to wonder at Totoro in Hermann.­

The work of Jenna Kunnas and Asta Myllys, winner of the HS snow sculpture competition, “Our Neighbor Totoro” in Hermann, Helsinki.­


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