Winter Finnish Meteorological Institute: Slippage, storm winds and snowfall expected for the beginning of the week – wind can cut down trees and cause power outages in Southwest Finland

Tuesday would seem to be a frosty day for better weather, with storms on Mondays and Thursdays.

Motorists and pedestrians should be on the move with caution during the week as well. There will be slippery winds, storm winds and snowfall, the Finnish Meteorological Institute said on Sunday.

On Monday, driving conditions are very poor in the northern half of Lapland and in Åland.

“A storm is coming from the southwest, the snowfall of which is weakening the traffic weather in southern Finland in the morning and in the morning,” said the meteorologist on duty Heikki Sinisalo.

Southwest Finland the rescue service has called for preparedness for a strong storm that is scheduled to begin in the area the night before Monday. According to the rescue service, the wind can reach gusts of up to 25 meters per second in gusts.

“Weather conditions can cause power outages and tree falls,” the rescue service warned On Twitter.

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Pedestrians were also warned of slipperiness on Monday in southern and western Finland.

Tuesday the weather is forecast to freeze temporarily and will remain valid, except in northern Lapland.

“The next low pressure arrives on the ground the night before Wednesday. Snow will be obtained then, especially in northern Finland, in smaller quantities further south, ”said Sinisalo.

On Wednesday, driving or pedestrian warnings are valid throughout the country except in northernmost Lapland.

Thursday the weather turns into a storm. Driving conditions seem to be bad throughout Finland, except in northern Lapland, but no warnings have been issued to those on foot.

“Decent snowfall and strong winds are expected on Thursdays. However, the forecast for that day is still somewhat uncertain, ”Sinisalo said.

On the stormy days of the week, Monday and Thursday, weather warnings are also valid for all or almost all of Finland’s sea areas.

As we approach next weekend, the weather seems to be getting colder on the ground, which could improve driving conditions.

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The meteorologist estimates that the temperatures in the northern part of Finland in the beginning of the week will be somewhat above the seasonal average.

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