Winter Could sledgehogs be left with a strip of sidewalks without sanding? Can’t, knock down the City of Helsinki council initiative

The council initiative called for families using the sled to be taken into account.

Helsinki does not intend to pay special attention to the townspeople towing sleds in street maintenance in winter.

In this way, officials responded to a council initiative in which the winter problem had been raised.

The matter was discussed on Tuesday by the Green Deputy Commissioner Johanna Nuortevan on the basis of an initiative taken in January. The initiative proposed to make sledding easier, as sledding is a means of transport that makes everyday life easier for many families with children and also a form of outdoor exercise.

The initiative suggested that half of the wide sidewalks outside the downtown area should not be sanded or, if there is a sidewalk on either side of the road, one of them could be left unsandoned.

Instead of sanding, slipperiness could also be prevented by roughening and planing driveways and sidewalks.

“When the trails are not sanded, the sled is the easiest means of transport to the kindergarten, to the store to get bigger purchases, to the sled hill, for children to skate skates or to reach the trails without a car,” the initiative explained.

However, the city is not sympathetic.

“The Maintenance Act requires that the streets are accessible and safe to move at all times of the year,” the response from the Urban Environment Industry says. It is responsible for the street maintenance obligations of the city.

Coordinating sanding and winter sports causes a debate in Helsinki every winter. Also fitness trails marked as trails is occasionally sanded.

The initiative also mentioned that sanding makes skidding difficult, ie kickboarding and cycling in the spring, as well as deteriorating air quality.

The opinion states that it is not possible to abandon sanding.

According to the law, streets and cycle and pedestrian paths must have sufficient grip for safe movement at all times of the year, the Urban Environment Board stated in its decision.

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