Wine of the week This elegant rose effervescent is a discovery

The pink sect is a stylish alternative to the trendy roseeprosecco. The deep and harmonious taste of the drink is created during long maturation.

Braunewell Pinot Rose Brut 2016

Germany, Deutscher Sekt Rheinhessen

Producer: Weingut Braunewell

Grapes: Pinot Noir

Price: 14.79 e

Availability: Good in the Helsinki metropolitan area

4/5 stars


In addition to the trendy roseeprosecco, you should also check out other rose sparkling wines, as you may find gems like this Braunewell Pinot Rose Brut 2016. For less than 15 euros, it has a surprising quality-reflecting production method. The wine is made by bottle fermentation, and the depth and harmony of its taste reveals that the pinot noir-based blend has matured for a long time with the lees.

What kind?

Pink, slightly orange in color. The aroma is quite intense and is dominated by ripe red berries and toast. The taste is completely dry and richly sour. Long ripening is felt in the soft acidity and elegant aromas, which, like the scent, are well displayed. Among the ripe berries, there is a pastry-like toastiness but also a mouthfeel suggestive of apricot. The bubbles in the mouth are abundant and creamy soft. The sparkling wine is quite balanced, tasty and quite upright.


Sparkling wine made in Rheinhessen is the coolest aperitif, but it also has a good structure as a table wine. Light meat dishes, fried or grilled fish and sturdy salads are the best food choices for it.



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