Wine of the week There is an abundance of Portuguese wines on offer – this is a great option for picking up autumn dams

The taste of Bacalhôa Touriga Nacional 2017 wine is fairly fruity but not too thick.

Bacalhôa Touriga Nacional 2017

Portugal, DOC Dão

Producer: Alianca Vinhos

Grape: Touriga Nacional

Price: 17.98 e

Availability: Good



The enthusiasm of Finns for Portuguese red wines – the two best-selling red wines are Portuguese – brings a lot of new Portuguese wines to the market. They also come with quality wines from traditional Portuguese wine regions, such as this week’s wine Bacalhôa Touriga Nacional 2017. It comes from the Dão region of central Portugal.

What kind?

The dark-speaking wine has a moderately rich and warm aroma. The taste is fairly fruity without being too thick. The fruit of the wine is deeply berry and spicy. The rather full-bodied texture gets lightness from the excellent acidity and the elegantly matured tannins bring an almost sophisticated finish to the taste of the wine. The aftertaste in the mouth revolves around the spicy aromas of cherry, plum and toasted oak.


Excellent autumn evening wine with rich casserole dishes, also for vegetable pots. The best cheese for this wine could be a Swiss long-matured gruyère.



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