Wine of the week The early wine made in Fiskars remains a bit modest

However, Witch Space Echo 2019 wine is a good everyday food drink.

Witch Space Echo 2019

Finland, Fiskars

Producer: Witch Winery

Grapes: Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt

Price: 28.74 e

Availability: Good

2/5 stars


Noita Winery is a winery on the side of the Fiskars brewery, operating according to the world-famous urban Winery business idea. In it, the winery is located far from the grape growing area, for example in a big city or, as in the case of Noita Winery, in the middle of a forest. Organic grapes have been transported from Austria to Fiskars, where the wine is made. The locality of the wines is brought not only by the Winemakers but also by the natural yeasts found in both the grape and the winery. By the way, the product cannot be called wine, but it is a “mild alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes”, because Finland is not officially a wine-producing country in the EU.

What kind?

The slightly bluish red wine has an aroma of red berries, such as cranberries, as well as a simple spiciness. The taste is dry. There are very few tannins, but there is still bitterness in the taste. There is quite a lot of acidity. The wine is light, fairly short, with a berry aftertaste. The flavors characteristic of the grapes come out nicely, but the wine is not very complex. Compared to its price, the taste of the wine is modest, but the wine gets its value more from the hipster-like idea and playfulness.


This vegan initial wine is a universal wine of everyday food. It goes well with tomato dishes, for example.

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